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a-jays one earphones review

Fed up of using the headphones or earphones shipped with your smartphone? Probably you are as those tangle prone earphones are never resistant to outside noise and considering the bass, are you joking? While searching for earphones that are tangle free, having heavy bass and most important budget friendly, I came across a-jays one earphones. Without wasting any time, I ordered it from online retailer. So, let’s move onto a-jays one earphones review:

a-jays one earphones review

Guys, believe me I never seen such a packaging for earphones. Packed in a hard case, these headphones comes with 5 different detachable ear buds which can be easily replaced easily according to your needs. The very first time when you’ll be seeing the earphones, you’ll notice flat wires instead of rounded one. You might be thinking does it make any difference? Certainly Yes, flat wires make a-jays earphone completely tangle free. I tangled the wire in every possible manner and as soon as i uplift the earphones, it automatically got untangled. Isn’t it great!

The build quality is completely sturdy and solid. As soon as you hold it you’ll certainly feel the difference between ordinary headphones and a-jays one. Moving onto sound quality, I tested it against Sony Xperia headphones. You know what, a-jays one completely overshadowed them. The sound quality is just amazing and authentic compared to the standard Xperia headphones. Considering the bass, it’s just blow me out with the thumps and there was no distortion at all. Moreover, I also tested it in noisy area and what I heard was only the music. No noise at all. Completely amazing experience it was.

What we liked?

  • Sturdy and solid packaging.
  • Tangle free cord.
  • 5 different detachable ear buds.
  • Amazing sound quality.

What we disliked?

  • No volume controls.
  • No mic for calling purpose.

GizmoStorm’s Score : 9/10

Overall it’s a great earphones with budget friendly price. a-jays one earphones is available for just £24.99. A good bargain for a great device in terms of look as well as features! You can order it online from GearZap webstore. Looking for similar gizmos for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, head over to Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 accessories.