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mSpy is no doubt one of the best iPhone Monitoring Software designed specially to Spy on Someone’s iPhone without access to target phone. I have been using mSpy for more than 2 years now and there was no problem in tracking someone’s WhatsApp without target phone, deleted SMS, Call logs, Emails, GPS location, iMessages etc. With more than 1 million happy customers and amazing 24×7 tech support, I bet you won’t regret your decision to buy mSpy.

But do you this is the only iPhone Spy in market? If yes, then you should read this article till the end. As a responsible blogger, it’s my duty to give you as much information as I can to turn you an informed customer. For the same, today I’ll show you the best mSpy alternative that are as good as mSpy, if not better and cheaper in price. Moreover, you should also see my earlier review on mSpy –mSpy Review : Is It The Best iPhone Monitoring App ?, it’ll give you a better insight on which iPhone spy will work perfectly for you. So, let’s begin and head over to our list of Best mSpy Alternative For iPhone. Here you go :


#1 . SpyStealth – Best mSpy alternative

SpyStealth is a top notch iPhone monitoring app specially designed keeping in mind the needs of working parents to monitor their teen’s iPhone activities, Employers to track their employees suspicious betrayal deeds and cheated partners to expose their better half.

Just like mSpy, SpyStealth too needs iCloud credentials of target iPhone and rest is just magic. You’ll be able to track everything like iCloud Mail, iMessages, Call logs, WhatsApp messages, WiFi networks, GPS location and almost everything you could see using mSpy.

The best thing about SpyStealth is, it’s around 40% cheaper than mSpy despite of having almost same set of features.

How it competes with mSpy :

Pros – SpyStealth offers same features with extremely low price tag.

Cons – SpyStealth is fairly new in iPhone Spy market, so it’s reliability might put up some question in future. But till now I haven’t found any setbacks and it turns out to be a best mSpy alternative.

Price : $30 – $100

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#2. Spymaster Pro – Another Great mSpy Alternative

Spymaster Pro is around here for half a decade now and it’s doing pretty well as far as feedbacks from my readers are concerned. Designed specially for Non-jailbroken iPhone, Spymaster pro is another great mSpy alternative which will easily let you to Spy on WhatsApp, iMessages, Notes, Wifi Networks and Geo locations.

Here also you need the iCloud credentials of target iPhone to monitor every activities of target user. Now Spy on iPhone remotely without any access to target phone, things are as simple as that.

How it competes with mSpy :

Pros – Quite Cheaper in terms of price. You can expect quality tech support round the clock from Spymaster Pro’s team.

Cons – Very less features as compared to mSpy.

Price : $60 – $120

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#3. FlexiSpy – Best mSpy Alternative If You Have Access To Target Phone

Sorry to say but, FlexiSpy works only with Jailbroken iPhone. I have added FlexiSpy because it is the most advanced iPhone monitoring app available over the web. If the target phone is Jailbroken and you have access to it for mere 5-7 minutes, then it outclasses even mSpy in all the fields. Literally it has tons of features which are meant to spy on someone like a professional detective.

Unlike any other iPhone spy without target phone, FlexiSpy needs to be installed on target iPhone. Once installation is done, you’ll be perplexed to see how fast and how effective it is to reveal every possible truth.

How it competes with mSpy :

Pros – Tons of useful features not available on any other iPhone Spy app. It’s extremely fast and can also intercept phone calls in few seconds.

Cons –  Access to target iPhone is required and target iPhone needs to Jailbroken. Moreover it’s bit pricey as compared to mSpy or any other mSpy alternative.

Price : $68 – $350

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In case of any queries or questions regarding Best mSpy Alternative or any other monitoring needs, just drop a comment below or contact via Contact Us section. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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