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Fake Twitter followers and spam accounts seem to be a growing problem. But Twitter announced that it’s creating a new “Blocked Accounts” page to make it easier to flag Tweets and accounts for review, which should help combat such abusive Twitter accounts. All most every social media services take the spam thing seriously. Twitter is not any other but it surely’s been just a little sluggish to handle it. The great factor is that Twitter now has one thing very similar to Fb’s Others inbox and a brand new atmosphere that permits you to block messages from unknown accounts on Twitter. 

If you’ve ever had one of the fake followers or been a target of a spam account, you know how annoying they are. They also abuse photos of celebrities and successful personalities, judging by my recent personal experience. The good news is that if you don’t want strangers to have the ability to send you private messages via Twitter, you needn’t actually do anything. The following are our step-by-step guide to Block Spam Messages on Twitter.

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1. Block Messages From Unknown Accounts on Twitter– iOS And Android

Step 1: Foremost step is to open Twitter app and tap on your profile thumbnail. From the navigation drawer, select Settings and Privacy.Block Messages From Unknown Accounts On Twitter

Step 2: Once you are in the Settings and Privacy screen, tap Privacy and Safety. On the Privacy and safety screen, turn the ‘Receive direct messages from anyone’ option off.

Block Messages From Unknown Accounts On TwitterBlock Messages From Unknown Accounts On Twitter

Step 3: Finally, you will see that your inbox will split into two tabs. First one is the Requests tab, where messages from unknown accounts go. If you wish to read a message in the requests tab, the sender will not be known that you’ve seen them. Only if you message the person back, or tap the Accept button will the conversation can go forward. If not, just tap the decline option or even block or report the account.

This is how you can easily Block Messages From Unknown Accounts On Twitter, no matter it’s Android or iOS.

2. Block Spam Messages on Twitter – Web

Step 1: Lunch your preferred browser and log into Twitter on the web. Navigate to the Settings Menu by clicking on your profile icon in the right-hand corner and then clicking Settings.

How To Block Messages From Unknown Accounts On Twitter

Step 2: Once you’ve accessed the Settings Menu, click on “Security and privacy” on the right-hand side.

Step 3: On the Security and Privacy menu, scroll down to the Privacy section to the Direct Messages sub-section.

How To Block Messages From Unknown Accounts On Twitter

Step 4: Finally, you have to untick the box that says “Receive Direct Messages from anyone” and click “Save changes”.

Note: Twitter has reassured users that if you want to stop someone from sending private messages to you, you can easily block the user from following/messaging you. If you decide that you wish to receive messages from unknown accounts, just tick the checkbox and you are done.

This is the easiest way you can Block Messages From Unknown Accounts On Twitter. In case of any queries or doubts, don’t forget to comment down below. I’ll try to get back asap.

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