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Transferring media on iPhone is surely a killing task. Where on Android you can on the go drag and drop anything you want with the utmost ease, with my iPhone things are not easy as it seems to be. I have received number of mails from readers asking “How to Delete Photos/Videos From iPhone. Though some photos or videos are deletable but there exist some for which trash icon is greyed out.” From my childhood, I remember a golden line – Before learning about the remedy, learn about the cause. You Can’t Delete Videos From iPhone, surely this is because you have synced your iPhone with iTunes. Yes you read it right, Apple’s own music platform is conflicting with it’s flagship device. Though I really don’t know why exactly it is doing so.

Nevermind, despite of giving number of trials if you are not able to delete undeletable videos on iPhone, we have an easiest workaround for you. Definitely you might want to save some precious space on your iPhone as early as possible and I completely understand it, but don’t forget to follow the pre-requisites before you proceed to main content. Let’s see how delete photos in iOS when the trash can icon is greyed out : 

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Pre-requisites To Delete Photos/Videos From iPhone :

  • Take a complete backup of every Photo or Video which is not clicked from your iPhone’s Camera. For Photos/Videos from iPhone camera, no need to take any backup.
  • Make sure you are using the latest iTunes version.

How To Delete Photos/Videos From iPhone :

Step 1 : As I have mentioned, you are not able to delete videos from iPhone just because you have synced it with iTunes. In the entire procedure, you are going to delete all the photos and videos which are there on iPhone just because of this sync thing. I hope you have taken the complete backup.

– On your Mac/PC, create an empty folder. I am naming it as “Test Folder”.

Can't Delete Photos/Videos From iPhone? Here's How To Fix It

Step 2 : Now connect your iPhone with computer via lightning cable and open iTunes.

Step 3 : Tap on Photos tab and check Sync Photos. We are going to sync it with the Empty folder created in Step 1.

Can't Delete Photos/Videos From iPhone? Here's How To Fix It

Step 4 : Tap on Choose Folder and locate the Empty Folder. Select it.

Can't Delete Photos/Videos From iPhone? Here's How To Fix It

Step 5 : Hit on Sync and magically all your iTunes synced videos on iPhone will disappear. Saved a lot of space, huh?

Can't Delete Photos/Videos From iPhone? Here's How To Fix It

Step 6 : Finally import the videos from backup which you want to be there on your iPhone.

Bingo, that is how you delete Photos/Videos in iOS when the trash icon is greyed out. In case of any queries or issues, follow our comment section provided below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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