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Android introduced two great privacy and security features. We already know how to lock your screen with PINs and Passwords. The other is even more powerful: Guest mode and multi-user accounts. It is an inbuilt feature that allows you to add a secondary account. However, apart from a User account, you can also add a guest account which is much more restricted than the user account. These are both parts of the same thing. Now, you don’t have to think twice before giving your Android phone to someone as you can simply switch into the Guest mode. The secondary account provides you the best privacy part by keeping all your data hidden and creating the new account without any apps data. Following are the steps on how to create Guest account on Android-

Add a New User or Guest Account In Android

As you add a user account while signing up on your device for the time, in a similar way you can add a new guest account. However, it will have an important advantage i.e. guest will not be allowed to access file restricted by you. Below are the steps to switch from owner account to Guest mode on your Android devices

Step 1: Head towards the Settings option and click on Advanced Settings. From there, select Users.

Step 2: Click on Add User option. [Note: To add a new user, first you have to change the default location from Sd Card to Internal Storage].

Step 3: Now, you have to enter the nickname of the new user and then, click on Add option.

How To Create Guest Account On Android

Step 4: Next step is, you have to enter the information as required and sign in to your new Google account to complete the process. How To Create Guest Account On Android

Step 5: You will see that the new user has been created. To check, swipe down the notification tray or go to Settings > Advanced SettingsYou can switch to any account by simply tapping on its icon.

Note: When you are done, switching between two users is as simple as selecting a new account from the drop down menu. Also, the owner has the advantage to delete that account if necessary.

Remove a New User or Guest Account

Step 1: Head towards the Settings option and click on Advanced Settings.

Step 2: Click on the User which you want to remove.

How To Create Guest Account On Android

Step 3: A pop-up menu appears below the screen. Now, click on “delete user” option and then click on Delete. The following user will be deleted from the Android device.

According to my best knowledge, this is the easiest way to add a new user or guest account. However, you can also add by rooting the device and using a different method. But, I would prefer you to use this method as it is very simple and also saves a lot of time.

In case of any queries or doubts, don’t forget to comment down below. For more Android How-tos, head over to Android How-tos section right away.