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Parenting in the digital age is certainly not an easy task rather it requires a lot of patience, care and intelligence. Don’t frown your brows on the intelligence part as it is THE MOST IMPORTANT element. Kids today have hundreds and thousands of ways to cheat on you just to have fun and smartphone is on the top of that list. To tackle them on time and in a proper manner, what’s needed most is the intelligence. Observe around or conduct the research over the internet; you will hear a lot of voices stopping you from snooping on kids as the intelligent approach today is using the parental control app. There are many Parental Control App available however FamilyTime is the one that eases your worries and strengthen your bond with your kids digitally!

What is FamilyTime?

As mentioned above, FamilyTime is a parental control app which not only allows you to monitor your teens online and offline life, but also keeps you connected to them 24/7. This app sits on your phone and collects your teens’ locations, web history, call logs, contact list and many others. It has separate versions for parents and children.

Discover the Best Parental Control App and Ease Parenting!

Also, it collects no information from your phone, so you don’t have to worry about your data being picked up. This app is both rich in features and affordable. Read more below to find out :

FamilyTime Highlights:

FamilyTime is the only parental monitoring app which offers a wide range of interesting features at a budget friendly price. These are the reasons it is gaining so much popularity among parents. Some of its highlights are:

It’s User Friendly and Self Explanatory

FamilyTime is a smooth ride into the smart parenting highway, because it is user-friendly and easy to download. Also, you as a parent, can manage each child’s profile separately from a single Dashboard.

It’s A Feature Filled App

This app offers many interesting features which not merely let you monitor, but also control your teen’s device usage and real time activities. Some of its features are:

  • Track location.
  • Geo-fence locations.
  • Monitor web-browser history and bookmarks.
  • Blacklist apps.
  • Watchlist contacts.
  • SOS alerts.
  • PickMeUp alerts.
  • Remotely lock the phone.

You can do all these and much more from your parent app or online Dashboard.

It’s A Light-On-Budget App

Once you download this app you will get a 3-day, full premium free trial. After which you can select a monthly, quarterly or yearly package and none of these will cost a dent on your budget. Also for every member added, the subscription will be separate. So you can manage each profile separately.

FamilyTime Eases Parenting

FamilyTimeparental control app is the suitable app for parents who want to keep an eye on their children and stay connected to them at all times, digitally. Even if you are busy at work or out of town, the whereabouts of your teen can be in the palm of your hand. Be there for your children whenever they need you and stay connected to them 24/7. Happy smart parenting!

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