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Ever since Apple introduced the first ever iPhone in 2007, it came along some features which have no direct replacement. One of them is the notifications. For those who don’t know where the notifications are, simply look at your iDevice screen and find app icons with a number over it. The number is actually the pending notifications for you. While the same feature has been taken over by almost all operating systems now, it becomes a hassle at times to identify notifications for a particular application since all of them have the same color and font.

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Well, not any more. ColorBadges is the new tweak revolving around the Cydia tweak store. What it does is pretty evident. It changes the color of notification number of a particular application, thus differentiating each and every notification from each other on your iDevice including iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This tweak is particularly handy for those iDevice users who have dozens of applications installed on their devices and have little time to go through the notifications. So here’s how to get ColorBadges on your iDevice instantly.

Distinguish Notifications On Your iPhone With ColorBadges  Tweak

NOTE: Please note that ColorBadges is a jailbreak oriented tweak and requires a jailbroken iDevice. We are assuming that you have already jailbroken your device. However, make sure you take a complete backup of your device before proceeding.

Step 1: Fire Cydia app from your device springboard, and then tap the Search button on the bottom navigation menu to search for ColorBadges tweak.

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The tweak is available under the infamous BigBoss repository for a price of $0.99 USD, however you can get the cracked version of this tweak for free by adding the Xsellize repo (

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Step 2: Once you have successfully purchased/installed ColorBadges on your iDevice, it will start working instantly. You will not find any particular settings for the same.


ColorBadges automatically matches the app color to the notification number color, and renders the same. This way, you can distinguish between apps instantly.

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