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DriveTime Ultimate Car Pack Review

We all struck into situations where attending a particular call is somehow more important than any casual task. But what if, you are driving a car and person you can’t ignore just called you up? Certainly you can’t neglect the call nor you can pick it up as it’s against the safety rules and somewhere near the traffic signal or under a tree, your best friend, a traffic officer is waiting for you. He’ll certainly put a deep hole in your pocket. Isn’t it?

Now, you don’t have to worry about all these things as there’s a freakingly awesome set of Gizmo waiting for enhancing your driving experience. DriveTime Ultimate Car Pack includes set of car accessories that will not only follows the road safety measures but also claims to style your car with class apart features. This high quality accessory pack includes all of the essentials that you need to secure, charge and take calls on your smart phone whilst you drive.

*What this Kit includes :

  •  High quality visor blade Bluetooth hands-free kit
  •  Case-compatible car holder which is fully adjustable
  •  In-car charger adaptor to keep phone powered

*DriveTime Ultimate Car Pack – First Look

While ordering the product, I thought it would definitely suffice my needs but quality might be compromised considering the budget friendly price. Surprisingly, I was totally wrong. This Car pack not only suffice my needs but also turned out to be a great quality product with very nice finishing. Although both the visor blade Bluetooth hands-free kit and Case-compatible car holder were quite handy, but what surprised me the most was the size of In-car charger adaptor, extremely small that will fit in any space to charge your phone from your car cigarette lighter.

*DriveTime Ultimate Car Pack – Detailed Review

DriveTime Ultimate Car Pack review

Bluetooth hands-free kit : Needless to say, a very appealing and sleekly designed Bluetooth hands-free is what I needed for so long. Combination of Glossy sidebars and Matt finished center console is pretty enough to catch the attention of co-passengers. Speaker grill upfront and embedded keys on the surface just add icing to the cake. Moving onto side edges, USB charging slot is provided and on the other side, there’s a mute button that will definitely be handy at times.

Moving onto the sound quality, I’ll not say, Wow it’s amazing or neither I’ll say, It is quite poor. In short and simple, sound quality is above average and it highly justifies with the price it has being offered. Moreover, for some or the other reason, if your car is not having the Music player, you might consider it as your portable music player, but don’t expect any kind of Bass and Boost from it.

Let’s head over to Battery capacity, equipped with 820 mAh Li-ion detachable battery, this Bluetooth hands-free kit claims to deliver 7.5 hours of talk time Plus a 30 day standby time with full charge. Worried about loosing charge on the way? Then sit back and relax, you are provided with a mini USB car charger. Isn’t it cool?

DriveTime Ultimate Car Pack Review

Case-compatible car holder : When you hold it for the first time, you’ll certainly feel no weight in hand and what made us crazy about this product is it’s sturdy built quality. Using a rubberised ‘claw’ shape grip, that will hold any smart phone (even including huge smart phones like the Galaxy Note 2), this case-compatible car holder will keep your phone securely in place through your whole journey. The base of the holder uses a unique self-adhesive material which means it will not fall off and will not leave any sticky residue on the surface if removed. When you hold it for the first time, you’ll certainly feel no weight in hand and what made us crazy about this product is it’s sturdy built quality.

DriveTime Ultimate Car Pack Review

In-car charger adaptor : As soon as I unpacked the package, this was the product which grabbed my attention. Extremely small and portable, this In-car charger adaptor will fit in any space to charge your phone from your car cigarette lighter. The moment you fit the charger in cigarette lighter, a blue mesmerising light lites up to indicate that  proper connection is established. Though, you’ll need an USB cable to charge your phone as only slot is provided in the charger, unfortunately there was no USB cable and certainly it’s pretty fair considering the budget friendly price.

GizmoStorm’s Score : 8.5/10

DriveTime Ultimate Car Pack is available for just £19.99. A good bargain for a great device in terms of look as well as features! You can order it online from gearzap webstore – DriveTime Ultimate Car Pack. Are you a Galaxy S4 user? If yes, you might be interested in such Gizmo for your Brand new device. Head over here – Galaxy S4 accessories, something quite interesting is waiting for Samsung Galaxy S4.