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Easily Hide "Last seen Timestamp" from whatsapp on your Android device

WhatsApp is now part and parcel of everybody’s life. Whether it’s you or me, no one can spend even few hours without using this amazing instant messaging client. Apart from live chat, mesmerising features like sharing media and other data are key features that allows WhatsApp to hold number of users with it. Although everything is quite handy in WhatsApp, but one thing that annoys majority of users is Last seen Timestamp. Though, for iOs users, they can easily hide the last seen timestamps through advanced settings. But considering Android users, no such feature was available till now. As a matter of fact, Android is synonym to modifications. So, it’s still possible to hide the last seen timestamps on Android devices.

*Before you begin, you need :

  • An Android device running 2.1 or higher version.
  • Block Whatsapp last seen app installed on your device (Follow “Share to get” button to download).

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Though this app is removed from Play Store, but in case you want this app : head over to the “Share to get” button provided below:


*How to Block Whatsapp last seen on your Android:

  • Done with installing the app? If yes, open the app from app drawer. In the app, tick “Block last seen” (see the image 1 below). 

Easily Hide

  • Now, open WhatsApp. While you are in Whatsapp you will not receive any messages. Though you can write them but they won’t be send. When you leave Whatsapp or turn off the screen, your written messages will be sent and your pending ones will be received. Next time you’ll open WhatsApp, no one can see your Last seen Timestamp.
  • In case you want to see friend’s last timestamp and want to hide yours simultaneously : Open WhatsApp –> Open your friend’s contact –> Press home button –> Wait for few seconds –> Again open that friend’s contact –> You can now see your friend’s last seen timestamp.
  • What’s the trick behind the app? : When you are in whatsapp, your network is disabled to block “last seen” notification. Once out of Whatsapp(or turn off screen), your network is restored to the previous state.

    Though this trick is not as clean as in iPhone. But, it’ll will be quite handy at times. (App is tested and working)

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