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Easily remove your number from TrueCaller directory

TrueCaller is not anonymous to anyone. Featured at Top 10 best Android app on  GizmoStorm, TrueCaller is one of the most efficient global phone directory available at Play Store. For starters, founded in 2009 and based in Stockholm, Sweden, Truecaller is a trusted collaborative global phone directory. Truecaller is available on the web and as an app for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian (s40/s60), and Windows Phones.

Now coming onto the point, you might be thinking about your privacy as your number is listed on TrueCaller Global directory. With just mere amount of effort, your number would be accessible to the whole world. This sometimes will turn out to be useful but if you don’t want that to happen, you can easily unlist your number from TrueCaller directory. Today at GizmoStorm, let’s head over to “How to remove your number from TrueCaller directory” :

  • Head over to TrueCaller website’s page that will allow you to unlist your number.
  • As soon as page opens, you’ll be asked to Choose your Country.
  • Done with country selection? Enter your Phone number and fill the CAPTCHA provided in the box
  • After following all steps, you have successfully unlisted your number from TrueCaller global directory.

Easily remove your number from TrueCaller directory

You might be excited about How this Global directory works. Isn’t? If you are, you can head over to the video provided below that will let you know about the working of TrueCaller :

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