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If you’ve been haunted by the thoughts of your spouse cheating on you, or maybe your kids constantly lying to you about their whereabouts, then what do you resort in? As techy it may sound, but there’s an Android application that can remotely keep a record of a person’s cell phone activities.
Presenting to all the android users, Imobispy, a stealth cell phone monitoring app especially made for Android, so that once it gets installed into your target person’s smartphone, you can easily get full details of the smartphone; listen to all incoming and outgoing calls, read all the messages, emails and instant messaging chats! You get details of all the activities on the control panel, from where a report can be generated for further use.
As all other apps, this app is very easy and extremely handy to catch cheating spouse or unreliable employees. Spying somebody’s cell phone is no longer restricted to sci-fi movies, but with the advancement in technology, Imobispy has made it possible to spy a cell phone remotely. This app has extraordinary monitoring features that includes cell phone tracking and remote monitoring feature, while all this is done by staying stealth. Lets know more about how to Expose your cheating spouse with Imobispy:

Real Time Call Listening

If you want to catch your spouse blatantly, then you can smoothly listen to all phone calls (incoming/outgoing calls). So if your instincts say that your husband is secretly having an affair, then you can do a lot with this app. You can listen live to the calls, record calls, set specific numbers for trigger and so on. You can record these calls and listen to them on the control panel, or download it later on to listen as and when required.

Environment Listening

It becomes so convenient when you get the freedom to record all the background noises and voices, that too from the smartphone of your target person! This is one of the Imobispy’s exceptional feature that makes the use of target phone’s mic as its own recorder and you can trigger the app to record the environment noises.

GPS Tracking

Presence of GPS technology in mobile phone world has totally revamped the way people can track people. This has become much more handy and useful as Imobispy lets you view the precise location of the smartphone in which the app has been installed. You can conveniently view the exact location of your target phone on the control panel; this information is available on Google Map in the control panel that only you can access.

Another important thing about Imobispy is that despite full of advanced features, you get to choose which features you want – there are two versions of Imobispy, one is normal and the other with additional features.
The normal version gives away all basic and normal monitoring features; call tracking, sms tracking, email spying, GPS tracking, phone book access, URL tracking. Though these features are quite enough on their own, but they’re still limited for all those people who want more. Therefore, Imobispy with additional features fulfills the requirements of all those people who want that extra monitoring such Call listening, environment listening, WhatsApp Monitoring, Facebook Tracking, Viber Tracking, BlackBerry Messenger Tracking.

As far compatibility is concerned, Imobispy is compatible with all Android smartphones and all Android OS. While there might be many other apps luring you to try their fabulous features, there is no denying that Imobispy is one of the best and reliable cell phone monitoring app that gives away so many monitoring features at an affordable price. Visit Imobispy Website to know more about this extraordinary Android App.