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At times when you wake up in the middle of the night to check your iPhone, you are glazed by its display which is a pain to the eyes often. Imagine if your iPhone could adjust its display color according to the time of the day or according to your background light. For instance, keeping the color subtle and cool when you are in a darker place, and increasing exposure when you are in a brighter place. Well, F.lux for iPhone is such tweak which protects your eyes by adapting to the time of the day or your background light.  The color of your iPhone display is adjusted so as to give you best possible viewing pleasure, without blinding your eyes for the next two three seconds which happens at night.

In case you use your iPhone before sleeping, F.lux is just the tweak you need. Not only this, but it also removes that glaze of screen on your face by keeping the display colors calm, and not so flashy. Here’s how to get F.lux on your iPhone instantly.

F.lux Tweak Protects Your Eyes By Changing Your iPhone Display Color

NOTE: Please note that F.lux requires a jailbroken iPhone for working.  Also, jailbreaking can void your device’s warranty and make it immune to OTA updates coming from Apple. Here’s we are assuming you have already jailbroken your iPhone.

Step 1: Simply launch Cydia app from your device springboard and tap the Search button to search for F.lux tweak. The tweak is pre-added to your Cydia as it is hosted under default Cydia repositories.

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Step 2: Once you have installed F.lux, navigate to Settings-> F.lux  to configure its settings. Here, you can specifically choose lighting theme for different time of the day. For instance, we chose Halogen light for night. Further, you get a toggle for color sensitive work which can be enabled or disabled using a kill switch.

5-24-2014 1-31-37 PMYou can see the difference between normal iPhone screen and the one with F.lux installed in it in the official screenshot provided by F.lux developers below.


The screen with F.lux installed gives you more calm and cold colors without the flashy display. The tweak no doubt is one of the most useful utilities we have ever come across, and is also available for your Mac system. If you like F.lux for iPhone, you can try using the desktop version for the same too in case you are heavy computer user. Keep subscribed for more iOs How-tos, we are sure you’ll never regret.