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It sometime happens, you are trying to install an app or a heavy game on your droid and suddenly you are stuck up with a problem “Insufficient Storage Available“. Though it is not a common problem but many Android users are facing this problem now-a-days. Let’s have a look on how to fix Insufficient Storage Available error on Google Play Store :

Before proceeding further, let us investigate reason behind “Insufficient Storage Available” error. We regularly try to move some of our heavy apps from device internal storage to SD card to free up some on-board memory. But you might never have wondered, with this procedure cache is not erased properly. As a result, we are welcomed with a error message while downloading apps.

Before we begin, you need:

  • Some ordinary space available on your Android.
  • App Cache Cleaner installed on your Android. This app is of approx 2MB, so you certainly need to delete some app to free up the space.
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How to Fix Insufficient Storage Available Error

  • Done with Installing the app? If yes, follow the steps provided below.
  • Open the app from the App drawer. App Cache Cleaner will automatically detect cache of all your apps, it’ll take few seconds.
  • Once App Cache Cleaner is done with scanning the cache, delete all of your Cache memory space by hitting the bin icon.
  • Now sit back and relax, as you are all set to download any app without this weird error.

Alternate way: If you don’t wish to delete some apps

There might be possibility that you don’t want to delete some apps for installing App cache Cleaner. Here’s a tedious alternative for you:

  • Head over to “Settings” and then “Apps“.

How to Fix Insufficient Storage Available Error on your Android

  • Select each app one by one.

How to Fix Insufficient Storage Available Error on your Android

  • Onto each app settings, hit “Clear Cache” button.

How to Fix Insufficient Storage Available Error on your Android

  • Though it’s a very time consuming task, but you should know the alternative way also.

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