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iPhone is well known for it’s intelligence since 2007, yes the same year when the world saw the first ever iPhone. From hardware to software, everything is designed with near to perfect configuration. Even after minute detailing and attention from Apple’s side, there are still various bugs that floats over iOs from time to time, some bugs eradicated within few hours and some stays for quite a long.

Few days back I was on a holiday, relaxing over a hill top, sipping from a coffee mug, trying to have a kickass selfie from my iPhone and suddenly welcomed with a bang on screen “Storage Almost Full” even after around 10 GB of empty space showing under manage storage section. For me, it could be the perfect selfie only if I had managed to fix storage almost full error on my iPhone, but unfortunately I failed at it. This was the most depressing moment for me.

The first thing I did as soon as I get back to home was to check the solution for this weird problem and after searching few forums and trying few steps, no more storage almost full prompts. If you are facing the same annoying error then just sit back and relax as today at GizmoStorm, we are here with How To Fix Storage Almost Full On iPhone :

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Before You Fix Storage Almost Full On iPhone, Learn the cause of it :

I had chat with Apple assistant and to my dismay they were too unaware of this situation despite of number of complaints on Apple community forum. The simplest answer from them was “Restore your iPhone”. Restoring is obviously not a solution to everything. As I mentioned, forums helped me a lot to tackle this problem and throw some light for you guys also.

WhatsApp is a real cause for Insufficient storage, yes you read it right, reason is still not very clear why it is so but playing a little with WhatsApp fixed the problem. I tried contacting WhatsApp as well as Apple, don’t know who has fault here but this method will help you to Fix Storage Almost Full On iPhone. For now, follow this procedure and meanwhile we can only wait for reply from either of them. 

How To Fix Storage Almost Full On iPhone – Method 1 :

Step 1 : First and foremost thing is to back up your WhatsApp chat history on iCloud. To do so, head over to WhatsApp-> Settings -> Chats -> Chat Backup -> Back Up Now.

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Step 2 : Delete WhatsApp and Restart your iPhone.

Step 3 : Do a fresh install of WhatsApp from App Store and restore the WhatsApp history when prompted on screen. You’ll instantly see lot of space available in your iPhone and surely no more Storage Almost Full error while downloading apps or taking selfies.

Steps are simple enough but the problem is not. As soon as I get reply from WhatsApp or Apple, I will update this article.

How To Fix Storage Almost Full On iPhone – Method 2 :

Step 1 : Download and Install iMyFone Umate for your Mac or Windows Machine. [Windows | Mac]

How To Fix Storage Almost Full On iPhone

Step 2 : Launch Umate and connect your iPhone with PC/Mac via lightning cable.

Step 3 : Once your iPhone is recognised by Umate, tap on Quick Scan.

How To Fix Storage Almost Full On iPhone

Step 4 : Once scan is done, Umate will show you detail analysis of space consumed by Junk Files and Temporary files. Mine goes over 600 MB, that is huge. Infact a single MB is precious for 16GB iPhone user.

Tap on Clean for both Junk files and Temporary files.

How To Fix Storage Almost Full On iPhone

Bingo! You have successfully deleted substantial amount of junk data from your iPhone.

How To Fix Storage Almost Full On iPhone

I hope you were able to Fix Storage Almost Full On iPhone. If not, please contact us through comment section provided below, we’ll get back to you asap.

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