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Being a How-to blogger comes with it’s own perks, you get a sudden attention from your friends who usually mess up with their phones. Last week one of my close friend tried to restore his iTunes backup and boom! iTunes Asks for a Password to Unlock a Backup that he Never Set. His whole world came crashing down as all his business contacts, photos, videos, apps data were gone. Are you guys sailing the same boat? Have you too forgot iPhone backup password in iTunes which you have never set? Probably yes, that’s why you are here. 

Chill! It’s not a very big problem. I hope by now you must tried atleast hundred of passwords to unlock the backup with no luck. Now just sit back and relax, I’ll show you few methods by which you can easily restore iTunes backup password. But first, learn what cause this issue, why you got a prompt to enter the password despite you haven’t set it :

iTunes is asking for a password to restore backup because you have asked it do so. Yes, you read it right. Intentionally or unintentionally, while backing up your iPhone you have checked “Encrypt iPhone Backup”. My friend, make sure you do not check this box until and unless it is required. 

Forgot iPhone Backup Password in iTunes? Here's The Fix

Note : Make sure you have also unlocked your iPhone in order to initiate the restore process. Next, follow these fixes.

Forgot iPhone Backup Password in iTunes – Fix 1 :

Next time whenever iTunes asks you to Enter the password, just calm down and prepare yourself to enter the password. Want to know the password? You know it man, it’s your PC/Mac’s local administrator account password which is used to unlock your PC or Mac.

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This password worked for almost every user who faced this problem, if you are not so lucky, head over to the next fix.


Forgot iPhone Backup Password in iTunes – Fix 2 :

Step 1 : On the Summary tab on iTunes, head over to Backup section and look if Encrypt iPhone Backup is checked or not. If it is not checked, check it wait for Password Form prompt.

Step 2 : As soon as Password Form prompt appears, enter the password and confirm your password. This will act as your new password.

Forgot iPhone Backup Password in iTunes

Step 3 : Now, tap on Restore tab and select your backup which you wanted to restore. If it asks for password, enter the same password you have set in previous step. You’ll be perplexed to see how smoothly restore process is initiated.

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Forgot iPhone Backup Password in iTunes – Fix 3 :

Can’t remember iPhone backup password and above fixes too didn’t worke for you? Don’t worry, try this one.

Remember your iCloud or Apple Id? Oh ghosh, don’t say you forget it too. When iTunes prompt for password, just fill your iCloud password but all lowercase. For instance if your iCloud password is iFORgot2# , enter backup password as iforgot2# .

Entering the backup password as all lowercase iCloud password worked like wonders for many, who know it might for you too.

Forgot iPhone Backup Password in iTunes


Forgot iPhone Backup Password in iTunes – Fix 4 :

This one is tricky, it may or may not work for you. But there’s no harm in trying in case above fix didn’t work for you.

Step 1 : As soon as you receive password prompt while restoring, unlink your iPhone from your Mac or PC.

Step 2 : Just sit back and enjoy your green tea. Come back after a while, connect your iPhone to Mac/PC once again, launch iTunes and initiate Restore process. If it works, enjoy else head over to next fix.


Forgot iPhone Backup Password in iTunes – Fix 5 :

This is the last and probably your only savour. Pray to God before you follow this fix, if it works bring me a cookie, else get ready to purchase a good password cracker. Here you go :

This is also hit and trial method, try to enter password as 1234, if it fails try 0000 and if it too fails try the password you use to unlock your iPhone.

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All the above mentioned fixes are tried and tested by me on 3 different iPhones. If one fix failed, don’t hesitate to switch to other one. Later or sooner you’ll surely be able to unlock iPhone backup password.

Do let us know which fix worked for you. In case any of the above fix didn’t work for you, don’t hesitate to contact us via comment section. We’ll get back to you asap.

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