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Every of us wants to be a popular personality. In today’s world, popularity has changed it’s definition from where we stand in the crowd to How much followers we have on Instagram, twitter and Google+. So, for just sake of words, we are all eager to get as much Instagram followers as possible to create hullabaloo among our friends and family. Isn’t it?

Sometimes the desperation is so high that we are ready to pay a good sum of money for followers. But, What if I say, you are all set to get Free followers and likes On Instagram? No credit card, No hassles, No payments, just free followers and likes. Okay, now let me make it more interesting: What if I say, you can get those free Followers and likes from your Android device only? Yeah, you read it right. You just need to pick up your Android, sit back and see followers and likes flooding in. Let’s head over to How to Get Free Followers and likes On Instagram From Your Android:

Before we begin, you need:

  • An Android device capable of running Instagram app.
  • The device you are using should be a Rooted Android.
  • Auto Follow app installed on your Android. [Follow the download button provided below]
Download Auto Follow

How to proceed with the procedure:

  • Done with Installing the app? If yes, follow the procedure provided below or else First install the app and then proceed further.
  • Now, head over to Settings> Developer options> Pointer Location(Tick the pointer location). If developer options is not available on your device, head over to Settings> About Phone> Tap the Build number again and again till it says Developer option is now available.

Get Free Followers and likes On Instagram From Your Android

  • Now open Instagram app. Hit Explore, and search for “Instagram”. It’s time to tap and hold the follow button, and note down the x and y coordinates, as shown in the screenshot, in my case X = 301 Y = 215.

Get Free Followers and likes On Instagram From Your Android

  • Open the Auto Follow app.
  • Once Auto Follow is running, grant it root permissions. Now, press the More Button available at top right corner and hit Clear Actions List. Once you are done, chose Add Content button and hit Tap from the pop up window.
  • In this window you have to add the touch points coordinates on where the application will touch, for this reason only we have recorded the X and Y coordinates earlier. It’s time to enter the x and y coordinates you noted down earlier. Select Add New Tap. Now simply close the pop up window.
  • Now, select Add Content again, but this time chose Sleep and in the pop up, input 3. After that, select Add New Sleep and close the pop up. Seeing two lines on the screen? Make sure one is the TAP and the other one is SLEEP, touch both of these lines and it will highlight the content. Once both are highlighted, head over to action tab and select Clone Rows. This will add add another two lines.
  • Now slide your finger from the left pane of the screen to the right. This will pull out the Drawer Tab. From there,  select Save Template. Leave the output on ABM, name the file whatever you wish and chose Save as new file. Head over to Settings from the Drawer Tab and chose Cycles, from the CYCLES panel. Make sure you don’t switch on Cyclic Count. Tap Cycles option in the menu and input 999. Hit OK. You have completed the database setup.
  • You are almost done. Press the home button. Make sure you don’t hit the Play/Start button and swipe off the Recent Apps. Now open Instagram, and open a profile, please use “Instagram” as the profile. Then press the play button and it’ll follow and unfollow, then it follows again, this puts your user at the top of the list and gets you noticed, so people open your profile and follow you. To stop this process, simply press pause, then swipe the app off Recent Apps.

Make sure you don’t keep running this app for long time as it may lead to blocking of your Instagram Account temporarily, Simply turn if on for 3 mins then turn it off for 5 mins and then again turn it on.

Do let us know if facing any issues through comment section. If you wish to thanks the developer of this amazing app, head over to his XDA thread. Keep subscribed for latest apps at Gizmostorm. For more Android How-tos, head over to How-tos section right away.

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Overall very useful and effective app. On the cons side, app drains battery very fast. Don't know how I got this much of free followers from this app, whatsover it is app does what it says.

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