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With iOS 7, Apple had decided to take the default notification system to another level. So far they have been successful in doing so, and iOS 8 promises more. What first started with so called Push notifications, is an everyday phenomenon now, supported by almost all major mobile operating systems. However, if you are an iOS user for long, you might have noticed that Apple introduced a new kind of notification alerts with iOS 6 initially where a small message preview was visible on your device’s lock screen when you received an alert. Talking about WhatsApp messages, your privacy is always at the verge of getting compromised because of this sneak preview. While the only way to stop notifications was to disable it from notification center settings, there was no way you could just disable the WhatsApp message preview from the Settings app.

Guess what! Seems like now there actually is a new jailbreak tweak capable of doing the needful. That’s right! Notification Privacy , as the name suggests, adds another layer of privacy to your iOS 7 powered iDevice including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This means that whenever you receive any text, WhatsApp message or any other alert on your smartphone, instead of displaying a sneak preview of it, your device will just notify you that it has an alert waiting to be entertained by you. In this era of privacy-breach, there exists a strong need for such tweaks, and thanks to the jailbreak community, we actually have one now. So here’s how to get it on your iDevice.

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How to Hide WhatsApp Message Sneak Preview from iPhone Lockscreen

NOTE: Kindly note that Notification Privacy is a jailbreak oriented tweak and requires a jailbroken iDevice. We are assuming that you already have one. Please make sure to take a complete backup of your device before proceeding.

Step 1: Fire Cydia app from your device’s springboard and navigate to Search button to search for Notification Privacy tweak.


The tweak is available under the BigBoss repository which should be pre-added to your iDevice from the time of jailbreaking it.

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Step 2: Once installed, navigate to Settings->Notification Privacy to configure the settings of this amazing tweak. Under the settings page of this tweak, you will find a kill switch to enable and disable this tweak any time.

notification privacy settings

Then there is a Privacy Options tab where you can choose the places from where you want the notifications to be hidden.  Then you can enter a custom text to be shown when you get an alert. This text will replace the default sneak preview you used to get on your iDevice.

privacy settings

After that comes a section of Hidden Apps where you get to see a list of all the applications that have been installed on your iDevice. To stop receiving sneak preview of WhatsApp messages, simply turn the toggle next to WhatsApp app to ON.



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That’s it. The tweak should start working like a charm now, and would hide message preview from notification alerts on your iDevice instantly.

notification privacy

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