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I truly believe iOS is one of the finest mobile OS ever designed unless you are not trying to access things outside its boundaries. Ever tried mirroring/casting your Android to Smart TV? Just turn on your TV, stream the content on your Smartphone and mirror it seamlessly. In case you are just like me and trying to do the same thing on iPhone, hold on dude! First, buy an Apple TV which will cost you anywhere between $149 to $199. I mean, just to AirPlay iPhone to Any Smart TV, I have to spend a whopping $150. That is unacceptable, at least to me. Apple, I have already spent $800 on iPhone. Why don’t you understand it!

Anyways, we can’t do much about what Apple is imposing on us but there is always a cheaper and sometimes free workaround to tackle the situation. While I am writing this article, my brother is streaming the content on his iPhone to TV and guess what? We don’t have an Apple TV. In case you too want to know how, just be with me for next 3-5 minutes and by the end of this article AirPlay without Apple TV would be a cakewalk. Let’s begin:

___________________________ Method 1 ________________________________

Pre-requisite Before You Try to Stream iPhone Screen to TV Without Apple TV:

  • A Mac or Windows PC. Yes, you read it right. Your PC will be going to act as an Apple TV.
  • An HDMI cable.
  • An AirPlay receiver program to turn your PC into an Apple TV. I recommend you to go with AirServer program which is available for both Mac and Windows. It comes with 7 days free trial and after that will cost you around $15. Anyways, still 90% cheaper than Apple TV.

Download AirServer Trial

Please Note: I searched for almost an hour to look for free ways to AirPlay iPhone to any Smart TV without Apple TV, but couldn’t find one. In case you know some free alternatives, please mention in comment box down below and I’ll update the article as soon as I can.

This entire set up will cost you around $25 ($15 AirServer + $10 HDMI cable). However, it’s still way cheaper than Apple TV itself.

How To AirPlay iPhone to Any Smart TV Without Apple TV:

Step 1: Ready with HDMI cable and AirServer program installed on your Mac or Windows PC? If not, follow the pre-requisite section and come back again.

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Now, launch AirServer on your PC and tap on Use in Trial mode (remember, you have 7 days of free trial to test AirServer exhaustively).

How To AirPlay iPhone to Any Smart TV Without Apple TV

Step 2: Next we are going to mirror your Mac/Windows screen to your Smart TV. For the same, connect your Mac/PC to Smart TV via HDMI cable.

How To AirPlay iPhone to Any Smart TV Without Apple TV

Step 3: Pick up your iPhone and make sure both your iPhone and PC are on same WiFi network. Now, swipe up from home screen on your iPhone to launch Control Center and tap on AirPlay Mirroring.

How To AirPlay iPhone to Any Smart TV Without Apple TV

Step 4: My MacBook name is Rajat’s MacBook Air, so I am selecting it. For you, it’ll be your Mac/PC name. You’ll see how seamlessly your iPhone has been mirrored to Mac and subsequently to my smart TV.

How To AirPlay iPhone to Any Smart TV Without Apple TV

Worried as it’s in portrait mode and might ruin your viewing experience on TV? Relax, stream the video from your iPhone and rotate your iPhone in landscape mode, it will subsequently fill your entire TV screen.

__________________________ Method 2 _________________________________

For those who wish to AirPlay iPhone to any Smart TV without Apple TV and without PC too, we got you covered. But the drawback is, you have to leave your iPhone wired with your TV.

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Apple has introduced Lightning Digital AV Adapter whose one side plugs into your iPhone lightning port and other side serves the HDMI cable. This way you have eliminated the need of using PC or Mac to Stream iPhone Screen to TV Without Apple TV. However, it’ll cost you $50 plus $10 for HDMI cable which sums to $60.

How To AirPlay iPhone to Any Smart TV Without Apple TV

I believe Method 1 is more cost efficient and works as efficiently as Apple TV. What do you think?

In case of any queries or doubts, don’t forget to comment down below. I’ll try to get back asap. For more iOs How-tos, head over to iOs How-tos section right away.