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How to automate silent profile on your Android

Ever struck into situation where your phone rang when it shouldn’t. Certainly, many of us are used to turn on silent mode during classes or at library, hospitals or while sleeping at night. Isn’t it? Toggling every time between ringer and silent mode is not a bulky task but what if some or the other day you just forget to toggle back to necessary mode! Sometimes this situation turns out to be horrible.

Forget all your worries of toggling the profile as active developers are always there to help us out. XDA Forum Member AggieDev is responsible for the development of useful app called SmartSilence, which will automate silent profile based on schedules you set. Moreover, you are allowed to create a weekly schedule, which will allow you to define the days of the week, the start and stop time you want your Android to be turned onto silent mode.

*Before you begin, you need :

  • An Android device running version 2.0 and up.
  • Smart silence app on your Android (Play Store link).

That’s not done yet, Pro version of Smart silence has something more for you.

What is in the Pro version?
SmartSilence Pro includes the ability to add one-time events as well, such as an interview or a one-time meeting. Plug it into the app while you are thinking about it, that way you don’t have to make yourself try to remember to turn the phone on silence when the time comes. Once the event passes, it automatically deletes it from your schedule (Play Store link).

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