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I am an extreme download hungry kind of person, you give me bandwidth and I’ll end up consuming your entire data plan (in case it’s not unlimited). Being a Mac user since the last 2 years or so, believe me it is the most sophisticated piece of machine I have ever used. Designed with utmost care and keeping in mind the user experience, it is actually money well spent. But unlike my previous Windows machine, it has no sturdy program which can automatically shutdown Mac after downloading has finished. This was a real problem for me as sometimes most of the downloads finishes by midnight only and rest of hours till I wake up, my Mac is running and consuming power giving no output. Let me tell you, I follow Go Green Initiative too (sometimes). Luckily today I have a good news for myself as well as my readers as there’s a workaround to automatically shutdown mac after download completes, but with a catch (you’ll see it soon).

We are not dealing here with downloading torrents via uTorrent client, in fact it is quite simple. Just go to uTorrent’s preferences and tap on “Shutdown when download completes“.

We are talking about downloading via browser, just follow the steps provided below and by the end of this article get ready to treat me a drink.

How To Automatically Shutdown Mac After Downloading Has Finished

Let me break the suspense, the catch here is you have to use Mozilla firefox as your primary browser for downloads in case you want to auto shutdown Mac after download is complete. If you are already using Firefox, thumbs up. For Chrome and Safari users like me, I suggest you to use Firefox just to download files and for the rest of your tasks you can use Safari or Chrome.

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Step 1 : If you are not a Firefox user, the very first step is download and install Mozilla Firefox on your Mac. Here’s download link for your convenience.

Step 2 : Once you are done with the installation and setup procedure, from the Firefox menubar at the top, tap on Tools -> Add ons.

How To Automatically Shutdown Mac After Downloading Has Finished

Step 3 : You’ll see Add-Ons manager window opening in next tab, from there tap on Get Add-Ons. Search for Auto Shutdown NG, I found this extension as a great a utility to auto shutdown mac after download. Here’s a direct download link to install Auto Shutdown NG extension.

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Step 4 : Now head over to Auto Shutdown NG preferences by clicking on Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions -> Tap on Preferences right next to Auto Shutdown NG and finally Open Preferences.

Step 5 : It’s time to set up this add-on, set the Notification time (once download has finished, after this time Mac will shutdown automatically). From drop down under Command, select [Shutdown] Mac OS X. Tap on Save.

Everything is set up now.

How To Automatically Shutdown Mac After Downloading Has Finished

Step 6 : Next time when you have to download anything, after download has started just tap this Shutdown icon next to the address bar. It will automatically shutdown Mac after downloading has finished.

How To Automatically Shutdown Mac After Downloading Has Finished

I hope it helps! In case of any queries or doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us via Comment or Contact us section. We’ll get back to you asap. Keep subscribed for latest How-tos at Gizmostorm. For more Mac tutorials, head over to Mac How-tos section right away.