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It is highly possible you have uploaded tons of photos on Instagram. But when it comes to storing them to local storage, Instagram has imposed some restrictions. Want to download all your Instagram photos or someone else’s to your Computer’s hard drive? Just be with me for next 5 minutes or so and you’ll learn How To Batch Download Instagram Photos in one go.

Instagram being one of the largest photo sharing app has garnered a huge number of users since the launch of its Story feature. Though Instagram entirely copied Snapchat’s Story concept, however, it comes with added features and enormous filters which strengthen its follower base. A few days back we have shared how you can easily Save Someone’s Instagram Story, but today, we are all together on a different track.

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Are you a silent stalker or the one with great admiration towards a celebrity? Having the entire collection of their Instagram portfolio seems to be a win-win deal for you. No? It doesn’t matter whether you want to Bulk download your own Instagram photos or someone else’s. We have got you covered in either case. Without wasting any time, let’s see the easiest way to bulk download Instagram photos:

Pre-requisite Before You Batch Download Instagram Photos:

  1. You need a computer to bulk download Instagram photos.
  2. Enough space in case you are downloading all Instagram photos to external storage.
  3. Google Chrome browser installed on your PC.

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How To Batch Download Instagram Photos:

Step 1: Get Instag Downloader for Chrome. This is a nifty Chrome extension which apart from downloading your own Instagram photos will also help you to download someone else’s Instagram photos.

Here’s the download link to Instag Downloader.

How To Batch Download Instagram Photos

Step 2: Now login to your web Instagram account on

Step 3: Once you have logged in to your Instagram account successfully, head over to the profile whose Instagram photos you want to download. For demonstration purpose, I am using my own profile. Please refer to the screenshot below.

It’s up to you whether you want to download all the photos, selected photos or videos. Depending on your choice, tap on the buttons provided below your profile name.

How To Batch Download Instagram Photos

Step 4: Next it’ll ask you to enter the photo number from where you want to start your download till the number you want to stop your download.

How To Batch Download Instagram Photos

Step 5: Depending on the size of your download, wait for few minutes while Instag Downloader does the job for you.

That’s it! This is how you can easily Batch Download Instagram Photos in one go. In case of any queries or doubts, don’t forget to comment down below. I’ll try to get back asap. For more iOs or Android How-tos, head over to iOs How-tos or Android How-tos section right away.