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I have an iPhone 6s, unfortunately the 16 gb version. Why unfortunate? Because it’s not at all enough considering the modern day app sizes and ability to record space hungry 4k videos. Though I can’t undo the purchase but I can surely sustain on the resources I have with me. In order to make proper use of the space, I make sure to transfer older images onto my Mac, deleting the WhatsApp media on regular basis and clearing the Safari cache weekly. These tactics allows me to make proper use of the available storage.

But certain things are not under my hands, to maximise user experience iPhone’s ecosystem won’t allow me to clear user apps cache which in turn takes a lot of space. I am an avid Snapchat user and despite of being 73 mb in size, Snapchat is taking extra 740 mb space on my iPhone. That’s probably the cache of stories and pictures I send or receive which I would never see again. Sheer wastage of space, Isn’t it? To help you make most out of available space, today at GizmoStorm, I am here with How To Clear Snapchat Cache On iPhone :

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Update : September 2016

Guys, in case you just want to delete Snapchat Cache On iPhone, stop here and scroll down to Method 2. But if you want to make ample amount of space like in GBs on your iPhone, please read below.

Apart from Snapchat and other user apps cache, iPhone also stores temporary and junk files which inturn waste GBs of precious space. Neither we can see it, nor iOs allow us to delete it. So, how to reclaim this space? Last week I got my hands on a great software which can easily delete all app caches, temporary and junk files and magically restored around 2.1 GB space from my iPhone. Want to know how, lets see :

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Method 1 : Clear Snapchat Cache On iPhone + Temporary and Junk Files With iMyFone Umate :

Step 1 : First and foremost step is, download and install iMyFone Umate on your respective desktop operating system (Available for both Mac and Windows).

If you want to get rid of all hustle and bustles involved in deleting apps just to delete their cache and also want to delete temporary and junk files, I highly recommend you to go for iMyFone Umate. Download the trial version and if you like it, you can anytime purchase the license.

Download iMyFone Umate

Step 2 : Once installation phase is done, launch iMyFone Umate and connect your iPhone with your Mac or Windows PC.

Step 3 : Tap on Quick Scan and allow iMyFone Umate to scan all the App caches, Temporary and Junk files on your iPhone.

How To Clear Snapchat Cache On iPhone

Step 4 : As soon as scanning is done, iMyFone Umate will show you how much waste space can be reclaimed from your iPhone. If you just want to delete Snapchat and other app cache cache, Temporary and Junk Files, tap on their respective clean button.

How To Clear Snapchat Cache On iPhone

Step 5 : In case you also want to save space by compressing Photos on your iPhone, iMyPhone Umate has a great surprise for you. Just head over to Photos tab and allow iMyFone Umate to scan your Photo library. Once done, either go for Backup and Compress or Backup and Delete.

Backup and Compress : It will backup all your original iPhone photos to your Mac or Windows PC, and the compressed version will be stored to your iPhone. Moreover, compression is lossless. I could rarely see any difference between the original and compressed version.


Backup and Delete : It’ll backup all your original photos to your Mac or Windows PC and delete all the photos from your iPhone.

iMyFone Umate is a great tool to delete snapchat cache, Temporary and Junk files on iPhone. Morover, Photo compression features is icing on the cake. If you want to purchase it now, for your convenience, I am adding the Buy now [Windows | Mac] link.

Method 2 : How To Delete Snapchat Cache On iPhone With Documents and Data:

Note : In this section we are going to delete Documents and Data on iPhone. You can follow the same guide to clear Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other user app cache on iPhone. Steps remains the same.

Step 1 : In order to delete Snapchat cache on iPhone, head over to Settings -> General -> Storage & iCloud -> Manage Storage and scroll down to search for Snapchat.

Step 2 : Tap on Snapchat and take note of space Documents & Data is taking. This is the cache storage of the stories and pictures that is being exchanged on Snapchat by you. For me it is 75.6 mb as of now as I have already cleared it last week.

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Step 3 : Now we are going to delete Snapchat. Don’t worry, we are not permanently deleting it. Deletion will let iPhone to clear the stored cache. Tap on Delete App.

How To Clear Snapchat Cache On iPhone

Step 4 : Once deletion is done, head over to App Store and search for Snapchat. Without any second thought, install it.

Step 5 : Finally launch Snapchat and login to your Snapchat account with already registered Email ID.

Step 3 : Now we are going to delete Snapchat. Don't worry, we are not permanently deleting it. Deletion will let iPhone to clear the stored cache. Tap on Delete App.

Step 6 : Follow Step 1 and Step 2 again, you’ll be perplexed to see how much storage this trick has freed up for you.

Hope it helps! This is how you can easily Clear Snapchat Cache On iPhone. Not just Snapchat, but any user app which is taking hell lot of space due to it’s cache size.

In case of any queries or doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us via Comment or Contact us section. We’ll get back to you asap. Keep subscribed for latest How-tos at Gizmostorm. For more iPhone tutorials, head over to iOs How-tos section right away.