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In our daily lives, we often meet with situations where there’s a need to convert a scanned image into an editable Word Document. Things could be pretty easy if documents are not lengthy, just type what is there in the scanned copy and you are done. But this is not the case always, atleast for me, I usually deal with 40-50 lengthy copies everyday and typing each one of them is surely going to consume half of my day. In search of a solution, I met with a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a Dark knight to take care all my hassles.

Guess who’s Batman here? It’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology driven tool which helps to Convert Image To Text with just a press of button. Basically used to recognise characters from image, OCR is around for quite a sometime but merely few of us know how this technology works and why it is a need of time conserving society. Let’s see what OCR exactly is :

Don’t mistake OCR as a tool, see it as a technology on which various tools are implemented. Basically there are two ways in which OCR technology works, Pattern Recognition and Feature Recognition. While the former one select the input text and matches with the texts in the database to produce the output, latter one being more precise compares the strokes of each character to produce the output.

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Pre-requisite Before You Convert a Scanned Image Into an Editable Word Document :

  • Make sure your workstation is either Windows or Mac.
  • Download Readiris Pro OCR driven tool for your Windows or Mac machine. It comes with 15 days trial period, test it and make use of it as much as you can. After that you have to pay nominal fees to Convert scanned images into editable Word files. 

Download Readiris For Windows Download Readiris For Mac

How To Convert a Scanned Image Into an Editable Word Document :

Step 1 : Install the Readiris setup file downloaded from the above mentioned links and launch it on your desktop.

How To Convert a Scanned Image Into an Editable Word Document

Step 2 : From Readiris menu bar, tap on File and select the scanned document which you want to convert into editable word file.

How To Convert a Scanned Image Into an Editable Word Document

Step 3 : Next you have to chose the output format which is of course editable word document i.e. DOCX.

How To Convert a Scanned Image Into an Editable Word Document

Step 4 : Finally tap on Save button from Readiris menu bar, depending on the size of document, this OCR software will take few seconds to Convert a Scanned Image Into an Editable Word Document. 

How To Convert a Scanned Image Into an Editable Word Document

Convert Image to Text with OCR – Conclusion :

Being a Canon product, Readiris is the name you can trust on for editing all your scanned copies and freeing you from the hassle of writing documents again and again. If you want to improve your multitasking capabilities and optimise your time saving skills, this OCR software is a must have tool for your computer.

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