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I still remember those days when there used to be a DVD/CD shelf in my living room. We got our first DVD player in 1999, since then I have collected around 150 DVDs. Unfortunately I rarely pick any of them now and the shelf is lying somewhere inside the store room. This clearly shows how rapidly technology advances with time. Though I really wish to watch some of my DVD’s but again there’s a setback, now I am more inclined towards the digital media. Due to hectic schedule, I watch most of the movies and TV shows while travelling in a metro and there’s no way I could use those DVDs. Infact carrying DVD itself is tedious task, No? Don’t you think it’ll be more convenient to Convert DVD to MP4 and keep it as a portable solution on Hard drive?

Undoubtedly, It is a great idea to rip all those DVDs on your high storage Hard Drives and watch them whenever you feel like. No more bulky cases and fear of scratches due to mishandling. Thankfully there are number of DVD rippers out there to rip DVD to mp4 and plenty of other formats in just 3 clicks. For next 5 minutes, just sit back and relax, watch me how easily I convert DVD to mp4 on Mac (process remains the same to Convert DVD to mp4 On Windows).

Please Note : As long as you are ripping legally purchased DVDs for personal use and not distributing it to rake some money, there’s no federal law anywhere around the world which will held you guilty for using DVD Decrypter.

How To Convert DVD to MP4 On Mac or Windows PC :

Step 1 : Get a Good DVD converter program to Rip a DVD to mp4. I recommend you to go for MacX DVD Ripper for Mac or MacX DVD Ripper for Windows. Both comes with a free trial, just test them out and if you like it, get a licensed version at discounted prices.

Download MacX DVD Ripper Trial (Mac) Download MacX DVD Ripper Trial (Windows)

I am using MacX DVD Ripper since 1 year and believe me it takes me less than 30 sec to initiate the ripping process. In case you are willing to buy it but not sure whether it works or not, use the trial version and even if you are not sure, just count on me.

Step 2 : Eject the DVD drive on your desktop and insert the DVD which you want to rip in other portable format. Once done, launch MacX DVD Ripper.

I am using a Mac, so in subsequent steps I’ll refer to Mac only. Steps remains the same for Windows Users.

Step 3 :  From MacX DVD Ripper screen, tap on DVD button at top left corner to load the inserted DVD. Depending on processing power of your system, It’ll not take more than 5 seconds to load the entire DVD.

How To Convert DVD to MP4 On Mac or Windows PC

Step 4 : In case you have multiple DVD disks inserted in your System, select the disk you want to rip and tap on OK.

How To Convert DVD to MP4 On Mac or Windows PC

Step 5 : The best thing about MacX DVD ripper is, there’s not only one format to rip your DVD into, infact you’ll see plethora of formats in which you can rip your DVD. You name it, they have it.

In our case we’ll select mp4, but if you wish to change the format, feel free to do so.

How To Convert DVD to MP4 On Mac or Windows PC

Step 6 : There are chances that your DVD contains various titles, MacX DVD will automatically select the main title for you. In case you wish to rip all the titles, just tick them and you are good go.

Step 7 : Finally tap on Run and MacX DVD will take care the rest. Depending on your system’s processing power, it’ll take some time to Convert DVD to MP4, till then sip in your green tea and continue with your other work.

How To Convert DVD to MP4 On Mac or Windows PC

Final Thought On MacX DVD Ripper To Convert DVD to MP4 :

MacX DVD Ripper is a great DVD converter cum DVD Decrypter tool to rip all your home and protected DVDs in just 3 clicks. Designed to rip in all possible formats, this DVD Ripper tool is actually swiss knife for all your DVD conversion needs.

Looking for an efficient DVD ripper which can apart from ripping all your DVDs can also save your enormous amount of time required to set up these types of softwares? Then I highly recommend you to go for Mac X DVD Ripper Pro.

Buy MacX DVD Ripper Pro Now

I hope it helps! In case of any queries or doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us via Comment or Contact us section. We’ll get back to you asap. Keep subscribed for latest How-tos at Gizmostorm. For more Mac tutorials, head over to Mac How-tos section right away.