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There are times when people keep asking for our smartphones, may be to play some game or fiddle with it. We personally hate the experience of giving our phone to somebody else, and hence compromising on our privacy at any cost. While there’s not much you could have done in case you have an iPhone, the jailbreak community has definitely given it a thought, and now they have a new tweak for iPhone users that protects their privacy from getting breached. GuestMode is the jailbreak oriented tweak we are talking about, that lets you customize your iPhone and adds a guest account where only applications you want will be accessible. The rest of the apps will be shown in dull dark color while the active and accessible apps will be glowing bright.

This way, you can only give access to certain games or apps, and revoke access from messaging, photo or email apps on your iPhone so that even if somebody else is using your iPhone they will not have access to the important information centric applications on your device. Cool enough? Here’s how to get it on your iPhone.

How to Create Guest Account on iPhone

NOTE: GuestMode is a jailbreak oriented tweak and requires a jailbroken iPhone. In this tutorial we are assuming that you have already jailbroken your iPhone. The jailbreak is available for devices running up to iOS 7.1.1. Kindly take a complete backup of your iPhone before proceeding.

Step 1: Navigate to the Cydia app on your iPhone and tap the Search button to search for GuestMode jailbreak tweak.


The tweak is available under the BigBoss repository for a price of $0.99 USD but definitely worth every penny you spend on it.

Step 2: Once you have purchased and installed GuestMode on your iPhone, you can tap on the Return To Cydia button to exit Cydia.

Step 3: Now, navigate to Settings->GuestMode to configure the settings of this tweak. You can select specific apps to be accessible in Guest mode here.


Also, you will also see the GuestMode button on the lock screen keypad. Simply tap on it and enter the GuestMode passcode and you will log in as a Guest on that iPhone.


Apart from this, you can assign Activator gestures to enter guest mode. Also, you can choose if you wish to give Siri, Notification Center, Control Center access to the guest account from the settings page.

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