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One of the most important components of your PC is your keyboard. In certain cases, especially on some Laptops, the built-in keyboard is extremely uncomfortable for multiple reasons, leading to an uncomfortable position, wrist pain, and other bad situations. Perhaps you have an external keyboard you’d like to use, and you’ve tried resting the external USB one on top, with the prongs extended to tilt it, but however, when you do (with or without the prongs extended) you may inevitably end up pressing keys on the built-in keyboard. Or maybe the built-keyboard has some keys that are stuck, and keep pressing itself, thereby ruining your entire work. In either case, I’ll let you know the easiest way you can Disable Internal Keyboard in Windows.

Disable Internal Keyboard in Windows using Keyboard Locker:

Keyboard locker is a small and light-weight utility to lock keyboard when needed. This nifty tool is quite easy to use and setup. In fact, you don’t need to setup anything just download, run the program and that’s it. After months of use, Keyboard locker turned out to be a great companion for me. It instantly locks the keyboard and after that, no keypress will work until you unlock the keyboard. However, this tool only allows you to lock the keyboard and the trackpad will still work.

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Step 1: Firstly, download the Keyboard Locker software in your Windows.

Step 2: As soon as you finish downloading, run the application and install it on your PC.

How To Disable Internal Keyboard in Windows

Step3: Once you have installed and activated successfully, head over to the System tray and a new Keyboard icon will be displayed at the bottom right of the Windows.

How To Disable Internal Keyboard in Windows

Step 4: Now, to lock your keyboard, you’ll need to press ‘CTRL+ALT+L’  and the icon will change. You will see that your Keyboard has been locked or disabled in Windows.

How To Disable Internal Keyboard in Windows

Step 5:  If you wish to unlock,  just type ‘unlock’ from the locked keyboard and you are done. Your Keyboard will be unlocked instantly.

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Turn off Windows Keyboard for Cleaning:

If you simply wish to clean your Keyboard, trackpad too must be disabled. Here comes Toddler Key [Download Link] to the rescue. Toddler Keys is probably the most sophisticated program that adds an icon to the Windows System Tray upon execution. A right-click displays all the available options.

Here, it is possible to lock the keyboard, keyboard and mouse separately. A keyword to unlock the computer is to be set in the program options. (NOTE: The default word isquitwhich needs to be entered to unlock the keyboard and mouse again).

How To Disable Internal Keyboard in Windows

That’s it! This is how you can Disable Internal Keyboard in Windows. In case of any queries or doubts, don’t forget to comment down below. For more Windows How-tos, head over to Windows How-tos section right away.