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In case you switched from Android family and landed here on iOS, one thing which would have obviously haunted you is download feature on iOS is highly restricted unless you are jailbroken. Want to download mp3 on iPhone?Wear your armor and fight till your last breath. Stumbled upon an interesting PDF on the web and want to save it for later use?Probably iBooks will save you but having a copy in local storage is always appreciated. I know you are missing your old Android, but workarounds are always there and letting you download any file on iPhone is no exception. I won’t be stretching long and without any further ado, let’s see the easiest way to download and save files on iPhone without Jailbreak:

Download Files On iPhone Without Jailbreak

The guide we are going to follow here won’t use any of your present browsers like Chrome or Safari to download any files on iPhone, rather there’s a standalone app having its own browser which is of course download compatible. Moreover, it has an inbuilt media player which is going to download and play mp3 files for you.

  • First and foremost step is, head over to App Store and search for Documents 5. This is an amazing file management app capable of reading, playing and managing the documents on your iOS device.

How to Download Any File on iPhone Without Jailbreak

  • Once the downloading has finished, open Documents 5 and tap on Safari like icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. This is the inbuilt browser of Documents 5 which is both smooth and sturdy.

How to Download Any File on iPhone Without Jailbreak

  • In case you want to download PDF or any word file, just open the file and tap on upload icon at the top right corner of the screen. Your downloading will start in no time.

How to Download Any File on iPhone Without Jailbreak

For those who wish to download mp3 or any other file, just long press the download link and from the prompt tap on Download Link.

How to Download Any File on iPhone Without Jailbreak

  • Now, move back to Documents 5 home screen and tap on Downloads. All your downloaded files reside here. Tap on any file and it’ll start playing instantly.

How to Download Any File on iPhone Without Jailbreak

  • In case you want to want to move the downloaded files, music or videos to Camera Roll, head over to Downloads section -> Tap on Edit -> Select the file and tap on Move -> Select the Folder you wish to move the file to. I am moving the video file, so Photos is my best bet.

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Verdict On Workaround To Download Any File on iPhone Without Jailbreak:

Documents 5 is a pretty stellar app which enables iOS users to download any kind of files on iPhone or iPad. If you’ll ask me, this is one of the best utility app available on App Store to cover the shortcomings of iOS devices. I am very much confident that this app would definitely change the way how you see your iPhone for day to day task.

Liked this app or want to convey a better way to make the downloading task easier on iOS? Do let us know your thoughts by dropping few words in the comments section down below.

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