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How to find IMEI number of your stolen Android

We are living in a society where thieves and mobbers are playing their role actively. Unfortunately, what attracts these evil peoples is your worthy smartphones. Are you struck in this horror situation where your smartphone have been stolen? Then probably you are worried about misuse of your device. Don’t worry now, all verified mobile phones have an International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI) number which is certainly unique for every mobile device present on our globe. Fortunately, this IMEI number could help you to detect the current location of your smartphone. Moreover, you can get your stolen phone blocked by providing IMEI number to your service provider and hence, protecting your privacy. Let’s head over to How to find IMEI number of your stolen Android:

*Generally you can access IMEI number by:

  • Dialing *#06# from your Android.
  • On the bill of your Android smartphone.
  • On the package/box of your Android.
  • Under the battery of your Android device.

*What if you don’t have access to any of above sources:

  • If you are an Android user, then you are probably aware of Google Play Store. Using the same Google ID you are using to login to Play Store, login to your Google dashboard.
  • Select the Android section on Dashboard and you’ll be seeing all the device linked to your Google Account.
  • Select the device that has been stolen.
  • Now, you’ll be seeing IMEI number of your Android device along with some basic details also.

How to find IMEI number of your stolen Android


  •  Now you can easily find IMEI number of your stolen device.

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