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fix low speaker volume output of Nexus 5

Google Nexus devices are known for the hypes they create even before their release. Play Store versions of Nexus devices are often tagged as “Out of stock” due to the specifications they carry with themselves. Considering the newly released Nexus 5, it’s being around in market for nearly 15 days and gained unanimous praise in the short duration of time. Though everything is just amazing in Nexus 5 but after reading many forums, i came to know about the low speaker volume output of Nexus 5. While searching for the solutions, I headed over to XDA forums and found a great fix for the problem. Guys at XDA forums are well known for developing the apps that has substantially changed the way we live our lives. But this time,  XDA Elite Recognized Developer AdamOutler looked into the concern of Nexus 5 devices, and found that on some units the glue obstructs the speaker chamber ports. Today, at GizmoStorm, we are here with How to fix low speaker volume output of Nexus 5:

Certainly you’ll need to open your device to perform this fix. Do it at your own risk. Neither me, nor the XDA Developer AdamOutler is responsible if anything wrong happens to your device. You are doing this because you want to do this.

*Before you begin, you need:

  • Phillips #0 screwdriver
  • needle
  • lighter
  • guitar pick
  • case opener tool

*Perform the following steps to fix the concern:

  • First of all, remove back panel from device (case opener tool/guitar pick).
  • Heat up the needle with the lighter.
  • Stick needle through plastic until you feel no resistance in one of the locations shown in picture below.
  • Wait 1 second
  • Move needle around to slightly widen the hole after it loses some heat to the housing
  • Once needle has cooled, twist and remove.
  • You can remove the speaker assembly by removing four screws , then pick a new location and perform steps 2-6 on the other areas of the assembly shown in the pictures below.
  • Reassemble device.

How to fix low speaker volume output of Nexus 5

How to fix low speaker volume output of Nexus 5

Do let me know your reaction about How to fix low speaker volume output of Nexus 5. If you wish to thanks AdamOutler or struck somewhere while performing the mod, follow the XDA thread to get your queries solved. Keep subscribed for latest apps at Gizmostorm. For more Android Tutorials, head over to Tutorials  section right away.