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It sometime happens, you are trying to install an app or a heavy game on your droid and suddenly you are stuck up with a problem “Package file is invalid“. Though it is not a common problem but many Android users are facing this problem now-a-days particularly when they are installing the app via Wifi. Let’s have a look on how to fix Package file is invalid error on Google Play Store :

Update (28 May, 2013) : Setting up VPN connection [100% Working]

One of our reader came up with amazing tip to fix Package file is invalid error on Google Play Store.

Step 1: Done with following above steps? If yes, Install Hideman VPN app

Step 2: In case, while downloading Hideman from Play Store, you are still facing Package file is Invalid, then try to download Hideman apk from Google search.

Step 3: Now, open the app and connect with the VPN server of any country provided in the list.

Step 4: Next, open Play Store and try to download any app. You’ll certainly end up with the success in eradicating this error.

If above steps didn’t worked for you then only follow the steps provided below. Else there’s no need. Thanks Abidullah Khan for this wonderful tip 🙂

Alternative Method [Clearing the Cache]:

  • Go to settings.
  • Head over to applications.
  • Open all applications/manage applications.
  • Move onto Google Play Store.
  • Simply clear data and clear cache.
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Update (5 March, 2013) : 

Step 1 :  Try to uninstall Play Store updates. For this, head over to Settings–> manage applications –> All applications –> Locate play store and uninstall updates.

Step 2 : Clear Google services Framework data. For this, head over to Settings–> manage applications –> All applications –> Locate Google services Framework and clear data.

Step 3 : Now, there might be a possibility that Play Store will face force close problem. It often happens. So, head over to Settings–> manage applications –> All applications –> Google Play Store and Uninstall updates.

Step 4 : Log-out from your Google Play Store account and sign-in back. Reboot your device.

Step 5 : Now try installing any apps from Play Store. If still not working, try steps provided below.

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Update (12 August, 2013) : Clearing the Credentials [Working]

  • Head over to Phone settings.
  • Go to Security.
  • Locate Clear Credentials and clear all the credentials.

Update (24 May, 2013) : Setting up Wifi for fixing the error

Just go to the access point names and see if there is an option to edit data access point settings. Then see if your connection is proxy enabled. If enabled, write down the proxy address for future referance.

Then erase the proxy address and save settings. Now go to play store and see if it works!

Now you are all set to download any apps and games from Play Store without any hassle.
Above steps worked for almost all droids, but in case your droid is not one of them and still persisting the same problem, you can follow the steps provided below :

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*In case above steps didn’t worked for you

Step 1 : Boot your device into recovery.

Step 2 : Clear cache partition.

Step 3 : Head over to Advance options.

Step 4 : Clear Dalvik cache.

Step 5 : Simply reboot your droid.

Try Play Store once again and probably you will end up with success in installing any apps and games without any error.

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