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Have you ever suffered from delayed WhatsApp notifications on your Android? Almost every messaging app on Android uses Google’s Cloud Messaging Service to send and retrieve push messages. All Android device ensures that it will always be connected to Google’s Cloud Messaging Service and for this a Heartbeat exchange is used. If you are connected on WiFi, this heartbeat exchange takes place after every 15 minutes. Considering the Data connection, it’ll take 28 minutes between two consecutive Heartbeat exchange.

Some Internet Service Providers put an end to active connections with in 5-10 minutes if not in use and reactivates it only after next Heartbeat exchange. If this is the case for you, your WhatsApp notifications will be delayed for 23 minutes in worst case. Worried? You need not to be as today at GizmoStorm, we are with How To Fix WhatsApp Push Notification Delay On Android.

Before We Begin, You Need:

  1. A Rooted Android device.
  2. Push Notification Fixer app installed on your Android.

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Note: This app apart from WhatsApp is capable to fix any sort of Push Notifications.

How To Fix WhatsApp Push Notification Delay

Step 1: Done with installing Push Notification Fixer? If yes, open the app from app drawer.

Step 2: Push Notification Fixer will ask for Super User access, Grant it.

How To Fix WhatsApp Push Notification Delay On Android

Step 3: Now we have to set the Heartbeat interval for both Mobile Data and WiFi connection. It is recommended to set 6 minutes and 5 minutes interval respectively. But if you like your Android to send Heartbeats more frequently, you can adjust the time accordingly.

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Step 4: Next, tap Apply settings and Reboot your Android. Bingo, you are done.

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