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How to get Facebook Home working on any Android Phone

Facebook home is a latest revolutionary update from Facebook that will turn out to be a unique social networking experience on Android. For starters, Facebook Home is a user interface layer for Android smartphones developed by the social networking service Facebook. Designed to be a home screen launcher for an Android phone, it will allow users to easily view and post content on Facebook along with launching apps, a replacement lock screen that displays notifications from Facebook and other apps, and an overlay which allows users to chat via Facebook messages or SMS from any app.

Unfortunately, Facebook Home will be releasing for only 5 major devices i.e. upcoming HTC One, HTC One X/X+, upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2. But as we all know, Android system is synonym to modification. So, put up a smile on your face and be ready to get Facebook Home working on any Android  Phone :

*Before you begin, you need [For non-root users] :

  • Download modified Facebook Home , Facebook Messenger and extract the .rar file. If you have previously installed Facebook messenger and Facebook app, then uninstall both of them. If Facebook is your system app, then you need root access to your device.

*Get Facebook Home working on any Android Phone :

  • Install Facebook app from extracted .rar file (com.facebook.katana).
  • Now, install the Facebook home app from extracted .rar file (com.facebook.home).
  • Next, install the Facebook messenger app you downloaded from above link (com.facebook.orca).
  • It’s time to enable Facebook Home under the Facebook app settings.
  • You will end up your effort with working Facebook home launcher. If you face any issues, reboot into recovery and wipe the Dalvik cache.


Alternative method – For Root users

*Before you begin, you need

  • A rooted Android phone.
  • Updated Facebook and Facebook messenger app installed on your Android.
  • Facebook Home app downloaded (don’t install it for now) on your Android (apk download link).

*Get Facebook Home working on any Android Phone :

  • Firstly, you need to edit the build.prop file in order to make your phone look like a Galaxy Note 2. You can have access to build.prop file using any root file manager.

Actual code would be like this :



Change it to :

  • Now, it’s time to reboot your phone.
  • Get ready to install Facebook Home app. Install it from the downloaded apk provided above.
  • You are all set to access Facebook Home launcher. Enjoy the whole new Facebook experience from now on.

While using it for couple of hours on my rooted Android phone, I noticed off and on lag and other performance issues. That’s why Facebook unveiled Facebook Home only for the best devices in the market. But you can obviously play with Facebook Home and amaze your friends with this unique style of Facebooking.

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