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At GizmoStorm,  we headed up with number of WhatsApp Tips and tricks for our loyal readers. The main aim for these Tips and Tricks is to allow our readers to play and have fun with this amazing messaging client in very efficient ways. WhatsApp is now part and parcel of everybody’s life. Considering this mesmerizing chatting client, WhatsApp grown bigger than Twitter with over 200 million monthly active users. Moreover, it carries over 20 billion messages per day, that approximately doubles the messages carried by Facebook.

Although everything is quite handy in WhatsApp, but sometimes I really get annoyed while working on some other app a WhatsApp message arrives and I need to press the home button to get back to home screen, pulling down the notification bar to see who messaged me. Quite annoying, Isn’t it? Think of an app that will push the WhatsApp message thread of a person to foreground who messaged you while you are doing some other task on your smartphone. This will allows to carry on the work that you were previously doing. In layman language, this app prompts a floating notification for you to start a conversation while you might be busy surfing the web or checking emails or whatever it might be. You can see this app analogous to Facebook Chat heads. Isn’t it cool? Today, at GizmoStorm, we are here with How to get Facebook like Chat Heads for WhatsApp:

*Before you begin, you need :

  • A rooted Android device running ICS 4.0+.
  • Seebye Chat Heads app installed on your device.

Note: This app is in beta stage, so you can expect some bugs. Make sure your Android is rooted.

How to get Facebook like Chat Heads for WhatsApp:

  • Done with installing the Seebye Chat Heads app on your Android? If yes, follow the steps provided below.
  • Open the app. This will ask you to “allow root access“. Simply allow it.
  • A pop up notification will appear conveying some message about enabling accessibility for this app. Press OK (See image 1 below).
  • Now, this selection will move you to the accessibility settings area. Just turn on the accessibility for this app (See image 2 below).
[gallery ids="4195,4196"]
  • Now you are all set to have Facebook like Chat Heads for WhatsApp.
[gallery ids="4197,4198"]

Though the interface is not as clean trick as Facebook Chat Heads. But more or less, you can get Facebook like Chat Heads for WhatsApp. Facing any problem? Do let us know through the comment section provided below. Keep subscribed for latest apps at Gizmostorm. For more Android Tutorials, head over to Tutorials  section right away.