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Do you remember Gtalk? No man don’t lie, you forgot it. Google Hangouts aggressively killed it’s elder sibling a good while back. With added features and improved UI, Hangouts is even giving stiff competition to Skype but is still lacking due to absence of it’s desktop client. We all want to install Google Hangouts on desktop for our own convenience, but unfortunately there’s no official Google Hangouts standalone client as of now.

Nevermind, there’s a project running on GitHub which is actually an unofficial Google Hangouts desktop client working as efficiently as the original web version. It doesn’t matter whether you are running a Mac, Windows or Linux, this amazing Desktop client for Google Hangouts works on all the mentioned OS flawlessly. Let’s see how to get it on work and what all things it has to offer :

Pre-requisite before you Install Google Hangouts :

  1. YakYak (Desktop client for Google Hangouts) is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux. Make sure you are using one of the mentioned OS.
  2. Get ready with the copy of YakYak for installation. You can head over to download page and grab it for your respective OS.

How To Install Google Hangouts On Mac, Windows or Linux :

Step 1 : Unzip the downloaded zip file and install YakYak on your desktop.

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Step 2 : In the given login window enter your Google Id, password and sign in to your account in order to access Hangouts.

How To Install Google Hangouts On Mac, Windows or Linux

Step 3 : Once signed in and running, tap the + button to join a new conversation or select the existing conversation from the side pane.

How To Install Google Hangouts On Mac, Windows or Linux

Features this Google Hangouts Desktop client has to offer :

  • Send/receive chat messages
  • Create/change conversations (rename, add people)
  • Leave/delete conversation
  • Notifications
  • Toggle notifications on/off
  • Drag-drop, copy-paste or attach-button for image upload.
  • Hangupsbot sync room aware (no bot name, proper user pics)
  • Show inline images
  • Send presence/focus/typing/activeclient to behave like a proper client
  • History scrollback
  • Video/audio integration (open in chrome)
  • Focus/typing indications

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How was your experience with YakYak, do you consider this Google Hangouts desktop client as a replacement for your conventional way of doing Hangouts? Do let us know your reaction and how you felt using this desktop application.

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