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Well, Pandora is one such music destination which the people in the US, Australia and New Zealand are proud of. An Internet Radio that plays free music that you can customize as per your own choice. You can create your own stations, and can always tap your foot on your favourite music. It plays just about anything, any genre, any artist, but can anyone play it from anywhere?

Unfortunately, the use of Pandora outside of these countries is regulated. If you wish to connect to Pandora and listen to the abundant collection of music, well, you are greeted with a polite yet stern message, that you have no access!


So how do we go around it? Well, here is an easy solution to it. You can listen and download Pandora songs from any country easily by following our step by step guide:

Listen And Download Pandora Songs In Any Country

Step 1: Go to, and download this amazing VPN software.


Step 2: Once the set-up is downloaded, install it. You would have a VPN shield to encrypt your network.


Step 3: Search for Pandora on your browser (possibly with the artist of your choice), and now, you get it!


Step 4: Register to Pandora using a Zip/Postal code of the US.

Step 5: Create your own channel with your favorite singer, and enjoy the music!


How To Download Pandora Music

If you wish to download the songs from Pandora, you would be needing a Browser Extension. Mentioned here, is a solution through Google Chrome.

Step 1: Click on the link to get the Chrome Extension to download Pandora songs.

Step 2: Download and install the Chrome Extension.


Step 3: Follow the extension symbol (as in the picture below), download and enjoy the supercool Internet Radio from anywhere in the world.


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