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You might have seen this in a Hollywood movies, A CIA guy flicks in a USB pen drive into a computer and it starts giving out data. How would like a similar setup on your own PC or laptop? Remember, using a login password is easily hackable. But having a USB lock not only gives that bit of extra security to your computer but adds a pro hacker like touch. Not only does it look cool, and high tech (in a way), it’s also rather practical to have a USB flash drive for locking or unlocking your PC.

For using your day to day USB pen drive as a lock, there are various third party software. For that, you don’t need to type in a password all the time; you can set a really strong password, and then not need to really remember it, because you can simply unlock your PC or Mac with a USB drive, adding a very strong layer of security to your system. So, if you’re wondering how to do the same on your home PC, here is a set up guide to Lock Unlock PC with USB Drive:

1. Lock Unlock PC with USB Drive Using Predator

Predator, a free Windows program, turns your USB drive into a key that locks your computer when it’s removed. To unlock your computer, you’ll have to plug the USB drive back in. If somebody else attempts to access your computer without the USB flash drive, he/she will get a Hollywood-style  “Access Denied” message.

Step 1: Firstly, you have to download the Predator software. (software are different for both 32 bits and 64 bits, make sure you are using the correct version).

Lock Unlock PC with USB Drive

Step 2: Once Predator is downloaded, launch it and plug in your pen drive. When you insert the drive, a dialog box will appear asking you to create a password. Click OK to continue.

NOTE: None of the contents of the drive will be deleted or altered in any way, so feel free to use your primary thumb drive. 

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Step 3: Now, in the Preferences window, first enter a secure, unique password in the “New password” field. Finally, in the section under Flash Drives, ensure that the correct USB flash drive is selected. When you’re done, click “Create key” and then click OK.

Lock Unlock PC with USB Drive

Step 4: In the last step, Predator will exit. When it does, click the Predator icon in the taskbar to restart the program. A few seconds later, the icon will turn green, alerting you that Predator is running. For every 30 seconds, Predator will check to see that your USB drive is plugged in. If it isn’t, your computer will dim and lock down.

Lock Unlock PC with USB Drive

NOTE: To pause Predator at any time select “Pause monitoring” from the taskbar menu. If someone tried to access your PC while it was locked down, you’ll see the activity log when you log back in. You can see the log at any time by clicking “View log” from the taskbar menu.

Lock Unlock PC with USB Drive

2. Lock Unlock PC with USB Drive Using Rohos Key Logon

Rohos Key Logon is a software that can program a USB flash drive, a mobile phone, or even a Bluetooth device to act as the key to unlock your system. The best part about this application is that it’s available for both Windows and MacOS devices. While it is a paid app, you can get a trial version to check it out(for 15 days). The following are the steps we’ll have to take in order to create a USB flash drive that will let us lock our system.

Step 1:  Firstly, download Rohos Key Logon’s software and install it on your PC. You will have to restart your Windows after the installation is complete.

How to Lock Unlock PC with USB Drive

Step 2: Next, from the menu bar of your Windows, click on the Rohos Key Logon icon, and go to “Open Rohos Logon”

How to Lock Unlock PC with USB Drive

Step 3: Here, you have to simply click on the option that says “USB drive”. Make sure that the USB flash drive you want to use for logging in, is connected to your Windows.

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Step 4: In the next window, enter your system login password, and select the USB flash drive you want to use as a key, and click on “OK“. This will make sure you have opted for Lock Unlock PC with USB Drive.

How to Lock Unlock PC with USB Drive

Step 5: In the next screen, you can select the action you want your computer to take if the USB flash drive is pulled out of the system. If you don’t want to keep it plugged in, simply choose “Nothing” in this screen.

Deleting the USB Key

If you don’t want to use the USB flash drive as a key for your system anymore, you can easily remove the USB flash drive from Rohos, as well. The process of doing this is simple:

Step 1: From the Rohos Key Logon menu bar icon, click on “Open Rohos Logon”.

Step 2: Here, click on “Delete Key“.

Lock Unlock PC with USB Drive

Step 3: Select the USB flash drive you want to remove and click on “Delete”.

NOTE: This will remove the USB flash drive as the key to your system, and you can revert back to using your password to log into your system.

That’s it! This is the easiest way you can Lock Unlock PC with USB Drive. In case of any queries or doubts, don’t forget to comment down below.

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