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Hello guys today we people at GizmoStorm came up with a new app that can make your android device read the content present in the webpages for you. This is the present generation of digital products and there are thousands of talented developers who are making apps that are making our life damn easy that one cannot need to do hardwork. The app we are going to share with you is same that makes your work easier by reading the content in the webpages you browse. Those days are gone in which you struggle to read a 1500-2000  word article that too on an android device it is quite tiresome and causes strain to eyes. A XDA senior member name mety333  has developed an app that currently supports only chrome and Android 4.0+. Lets have a look at the app. You can download the free XDA version of this app from here. If you want to support the developer for further development, buy the Play Store version.

How to Make your android device read the content in webpages for you

The app is of size 1.08 mb which is light weight and worthy to download. The app is worth it. The app makes your browsing a lot easier than you ever imagined. This reduces the stress to your eye and it makes pleasure of surfing the web.  Lets see how the app works. As we mentioned above at present the app supports only Google chrome and devices running Android 4.0+. The developer is adding many features and also support to android 2.3+ devices and also other browsers.

  • First Download app from the above given link.
  • Install the app on your device.
  • Open chrome browser and open a webpage.
  • Select the text and keep the device aside.
  • That’s it the device starts to read the texy you have selected.

The developer has also added a feature to stop the reading of the webpage by shaking the device. There are a lot more features to come up and it may support native browser too in the future. So why are you waiting for go and grab the app when it’s available for free with a lots of features.

Isn’t it cool to Make your android device read the content in webpages for you! Do let us know your reaction about this amazing app through comment section. Keep subscribed for latest apps at Gizmostorm. For more Android Tutorials, head over to Tutorials  section right away. If you want to thanks the developer, head over here.