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According to a survey, as of 2013 more than 150 million citizens owned a Smartphone in America alone. Obviously, figures are expected to grow with a large scaling factor. As a matter of fact, those millions of users are not just making use of their smartphone for just making calls and browsing contacts. Users are now much more comfortable in using their smartphones for surfing the Internet and gather as much Information as they can.

Now my Question is, “Is your website mobile Friendly?”. If No, then probably you are on a verge of losing your potential customers and are prone to lose much more customers in Future also. When asked from one of the SEO specialist and my dear friend, “Almost every Business needs to be adapted according to their customers and Websites are no exception to it. A website should be Adaptive as well as Responsive”. So, following are the ways which are good enough to make your website Mobile Friendly.

1. Simple Design: A neat and clean design is key to attract your potential customers. We should keep in mind that our customer will not wait longer to see who we are. We have just 20-30 seconds on an average to show What we do. Are you Interested in making your website “Fancy”? Then you should really think twice as too many cooks spoil the broth. Design as Simple as you can.  Use Minimal images and if images are necessary then compress the images. Low sized images will load up quickly. 1and1 seems a perfect example of it.

2. Go for a Responsive Design: Each and Every page at GizmoStorm is designed keeping Responsiveness in Mind. Use designing frameworks that will let you to arrange each element of your webpage in grids and arrange these grids in accordance with different screen sizes. Bootstrap is one such Framework.

3. Easy Navigation: Remember one thing, your website should be completely navigable with just using your thumb and needless to say, without any pinch to zoom to see the content. Considering today’s scenario, most of the users are using Touch Screen devices, so your Website’s Tabs and Buttons should be large enough to fit the touch of fat fingers also. If you are small business owner and want Quality Responsive themes, then Famethemes has complete solution for your needs. For Large business owners, you can easily contact any Good designer who can make this possible for you.

4. Design Minimal Contact forms: You should request minimum amount of information required to convert the lead. Reduce the number of fields and message box size to fit the form efficiently on any mobile device. For Instance, In the era of Smartphones why you would be interested in asking someone’s city if you can easily pre-populate it instead.

5. Test until you make it best: We completely understand that it’s hardly possible for anyone to test their website on every possible device available. But trust me, it is must for any webmaster to test the website after each and every change they incorporate. provides a complete testing platform.

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