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Most of us deals with tens of Emails everyday, some of them are useful and some are not. Whatever it is, Emails have become our daily companions. For an iPhone user, earlier it was a cumbersome task to write an Email, at the same time minimizing it to get reference from earlier Emails and maximizing it again once referencing is done.

Few months back, instead of minimizing the mails to work on few other mails, we used to hit on Cancel and then Save or Discard in accordance with whether we wish to visit this mail again or not. This was a tedious job and bit time consuming too as revisiting the Drafts section is the only possible solution. With newer versions of iOs coming in along with some great features to optimize user experience, today at GizmoStorm, we are here with How To Minimize Email On iPhone For Better Productivity :

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Pre-requisite Before You Minimize Email On iPhone :

  • In order to minimize Emails on iPhone, you should be using Stock Mail app.
  • iPhone/iPad/iPod running on iOs 9 or above (I didn’t get chance to test on earlier version of iOs, though you can give it a shot as there’s no harm in trying).

How To Minimize Email On iPhone :

Step 1 : Open the Stock Mail app and you’ll be welcomed with the Inbox screen. Tap on Compose New Email button at the bottom right corner of Screen.

How To Minimize Email On iPhone For Better Productivity

Step 2 : You can now see the Compose Email screen, continue as you are used to. Type in the Recipient Email address, Subject line and Body of the mail (only if required).

Step 3 : It’s time to look at the Email header, which is nothing but your Email’s subject line. If you wish to minimize this mail, tap and hold the Subject line and drag it to the bottom of the screen.


Step 4 : You have successfully minimized the Email, now continue working with your other mails. You can maximize it again by tapping the mail from bottom to get back into the compose screen.

How To Minimize Email On iPhone For Better Productivity

Good thing is, you can minimize and maximize as much mails as you want, there is no such limitations. This trick actually might have saved your handful of time, In case of any issues or queries feel free to ask in comment section provided below. 

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