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Lots of people ask me, “Can iPhone play mkv files“? Actually most of the downloaded torrent video files and movies are of mkv format and certainly iTunes won’t allow mkv file transfer to your iPhone, let alone playing. Of course there are plethora of 3rd party video players that supports number of file formats including mkv, but native support is always appreciated. Moreover, many of us including me are used to convert the file format to supported one using Handbrake or any other conversion software, but again it is a sheer time wastage. For the same, today at GizmoStorm, we are here with super simple and effective way to Play mkv Files On iPhone or iPad without conversion or any other third party app :

Pre-requisite Before You Play mkv Files On iPhone or iPad :

  • In order to transfer mkv files to iPhone, make sure you are ready with Apple lightning cable and a Mac or Windows PC.
  • WALTR installed on your Mac or Windows PC. Get WALTR for your corresponding OS, it is magical software designed with perfection and luckily free to use.

Download WALTR

Note : WALTR is basically an iTunes substitute, but it is exponentially powerful, more flexible and wins hands down against iTunes. Start using WALTR and you’ll start searching on internet, “how to remove iTunes From Mac/Windows to save space”. Don’t agree with us, just try it 🙂

How To Play mkv Files On iPhone or iPad Without 3rd Party Apps :

I am on Mac, so for rest of the article I’ll be demonstrating everything with respect to Mac only. Things are quite similar to our Windows Counterparts, you guys too follow the same procedure.

Step 1 : Once you have installed WALTR to transfer mkv files to iPhone, just launch this super amazing app and connect your iPhone with Mac via lightning cable.

Play mkv Files On iPhone or iPad

Step 2 : As soon as you connect your iPhone with Mac, you’ll receive a prompt conveying you to drag and drop any file to this drop area. Good thing is, you can drop multiple files with different format at once, isn’t it great.

Play mkv Files On iPhone or iPad

Step 3 : Select your mkv file on Mac and drop it here on WALTR, fortunately any file which are not even supported by Apple. Isn’t it cool? Okay, what if I say there’s no loss in quality. That’s super cool now! As I said, drop as many files you want and WALTR will not interrupt you in between. Moreover, It took me mere 48 sec to transfer a movie of size 900 MB.

 Bingo! This is how you can easily Play mkv Files On iPhone Without 3rd party apps and conversion softwares. Just drag and drop and you are done.

Transfer mkv files to iPhone – Conclusion :

WALTR turned out to be a game changing Mac/Windows software that eradicates each and every pain associated with using iTunes. Infact, it’s lot more powerful, easier and efficient. Just drag, drop, sip a cup of green tea and you are done with the transfer. People behind WALTR deserves a high five, keep rocking guys.

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