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How to protect Android from hackers and trackers

The advancement in mobile technology in couple of years allowed us to do anything we want from our Android device. Expected or unexpectedly we just automated our life in a very smooth fashion. Whether you want to pay bills or track a bank transaction, nothing is out of reach from your Android device. Isn’t it? Now, listen carefully, some or the other day, we always had our hands on to some malicious apps residing in PlayStore that has very much potential to extract any information about you and your identity from the data warehouse of your Android. From extracting your banking details to your current location, nothing is out of reach from these apps. Do you want that to happen? Do you? Certainly answer would be NO. So, lets move on to How to protect Android from hackers and trackers:

*Before you begin, you need :

  • An Android device version 2.2 or up.
  • Who is tracking app installed on your device. (PlayStore link)

*How this app protect Android from hackers and trackers :

Who is Tracking will detect any malicious apps or bloatware trying to track your location using GPS, or tracking user data from incoming / outgoing call lists, Messages, Wi-Fi network information, 2G/3G data, Gmail, Facebook and similar apps.

Who is Tracking shows a list of all apps which are accessing GPS, Wi-Fi, 2G/3G, Gmail and other app permissions and provides you the reasons why these apps need those permissions. Isn’t it amazing?

I tried this app for couple of days and I was quite impressed with the developers as the concept is totally new and worthy. Though, fortunately I was bit lucky as no such bloatwares were present on my device that can certainly access any information they want.

How to protect Android from hackers and trackers How to protect Android from hackers and trackers

*Key features of Who is tracking app :

  • Sound Alert : After running the detection test, your Android will prompt a real time sound alert in case any traces of tracking or hacking is found.
  • Allow Mock Allocation : Enable this feature to send mock GPS data if any app is trying to access GPS info for longer duration or multiple times.
  • Select – Delete History : Deletes complete history related information i.e your past tracked GPS locations from your Android.

Who is tracking app is still in nourishment phase and developers are trying hard to make this app strong enough to detect any kind of upcoming tracking techniques from hackers. Do let us know your reaction about How to protect Android from hackers and trackers. If you want to thanks the developer, you can head over here. 

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