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If you are low on Disk space for OS X, the first thing you gonna do is delete Boot Camp partition (if you have installed Windows on Mac) and recover space for OS X. Isn’t it? I did the same thing just to recover 51 GB space for my Macintosh HD drive but it turned out to be a nightmare for me. Though I erased Windows using Disk Utility but If I click on “Partition” in Disk Utility, there are two major partitions namely Macintosh HD and Boot Camp, where neither of them have the “” option available (greyed out). I obviously wanted to delete Boot Camp to reclaim Boot Camp partition space after deleting Windows.

Have a look at the summary of What I faced and if you too Can’t reclaim disk space after deleting Windows Partition even after hours of struggle, you’ll surely feel relaxed after seeing the similar situation :

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  • To delete Windows, I selected Boot Camp partition from right sidebar in Disk Utility and tapped on Erase.

How To Reclaim Boot Camp Partition Space After Deleting Windows

  • Though the Windows was erased but space used by Boot Camp was not recovered in Macintosh HD drive (where OS X El Capitan is installed).
  • I was neither allowed to resize Macintosh HD drive manually by rotating the Slider, nor there was ” option available (greyed out) for Boot Camp drive. 
  • Headed over to OS X recovery mode by rebooting my Mac and holding down the Command and R keys simultaneously, but no success. Again I was not allowed to resize Macintosh HD drive and ” option available was still greyed out.

Sailing the same boat? I mean deleted Boot Camp with Disk Utility and not able to reclaim space for OS X? Sit back and relax, I have a fix for you. Worked for me, and surely will do for you too. 

How To Reclaim Boot Camp Partition Space After Deleting Windows :

Step 1 : Reboot your Mac and as soon as you hear boot sound, tap and hold down Command+Option+R keys on your Keyboard. This will boot you into OS X Recovery over the Internet.

Please Note : It might take 15-20 mins to boot into Internet Recovery mode, till then sip in your green tea.

Step 2 : As soon as you are into the Internet Recovery Mode, select Disk Utility from Available options. There you’ll see both the drives – Macintosh HD and Bootcamp. Tap on Boot Camp and hit “” button. (I took this screenshot only after deleting the Boot Camp drive)

How To Reclaim Boot Camp Partition Space After Deleting Windows

Step 3 : Though this will delete the entire Boot Camp partition, but space will still not be recovered. See the screenshot above, Macintosh HD is still 69 GB and remaining 51 GB is unused. Let me add icing to cake, you are not even allowed to drag down the Macintosh HD slider. Bam!

Don’t worry, just tap on “+” sign and there’ll be another drive “Macintosh HD 2“. Use the slider to decrease the space used by Macintosh HD 2 and it’ll eventually increase the size of Macintosh HD.

How To Reclaim Boot Camp Partition Space After Deleting Windows

Step 4 : Finally select Macintosh HD 2 and tap on ““. Entire space will be allocated to Macintosh HD i.e your primary OS X drive.

This is how you can easily Reclaim Boot Camp Partition Space After Deleting Windows. Still facing any issue? Don’t hesitate to contact us via Comment section provided below, I’ll get back to you asap.

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