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How to remove duplicate WhatsApp media from your Android

At GizmoStorm,  we headed up with number of WhatsApp Tips and tricks for our loyal readers. The main aim for these Tips and Tricks is to allow our readers to play and have fun with this amazing messaging client in very efficient ways. WhatsApp is now part and parcel of everybody’s life. Considering this mesmerizing chatting client, WhatsApp grown bigger than Twitter with over 200 million monthly active users. Moreover, it carries over 20 billion messages per day, that approximately doubles the messages carried by Facebook.

Although everything is quite handy in WhatsApp, but you might have noticed that whenever you share any media whether it’s an image or an audio, it gets duplicated on your device’s SD card. This happens because, when we send media over this messaging client, WhatsApp servers compress down the media and the compressed version of media also gets stored on the SD card. However, we can remove these duplicate media files with just one click. Before wasting any time, let’s head over to “How to remove duplicate WhatsApp media from your Android” :

*Before you begin, you need :

*How to remove duplicate WhatsApp media :

  • Done with installing both the apps? If yes, follow the steps provided below.
  • Open WhatsApp Duplicate Media Remover app and select the type of media you wish to remove the duplicate content of.
  • After completion of analysis, the app will show you a list of media files if you have checked all the options (See image 1 below).
  • Duplicates are already selected. Just click Delete and you are ready to save space once again on your SD card (See image 2 below).

How to remove duplicate WhatsApp media from your Android How to remove duplicate WhatsApp media from your Android

This app is nourishing day by day and there might be a possibility that you are unable to find all the duplicates using this app. Stay calm and help the developer to make this app better. Do let us know reaction about How to remove duplicate WhatsApp media from your Android. Keep subscribed for latest apps at Gizmostorm. For more Android Tutorials, head over to Tutorials  section right away.