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We all have plethora of DVDs lying under our dusted shelf. I have around 100-150 DVDs, never tried counting them, but the numbers are close enough. 15 years back when DVDs were selling like hotcake and I was just 9, never cared to keep my DVDs in place. Call it mishandling or my childishness, almost half of them are scratched to such an extent that even my high end desktop couldn’t dare to play them. Are your DVDs too sums up your childhood memories which can make you feel nostalgic every now and then? Are you too looking for a solution to Repair Bad Sector On DVD? If all your answers to above questions concludes to Yes, then just sit back and relax as today I’ll let you know how one can easily fix bad sector on DVD and run them like before :

How Your DVDs Developed Bad Sectors Despite of Utmost Care?

There is a common misconception which says only heavy scratches could make your DVDs out of order. But reality is, apart from scratches, Sony ARccOS copy protection system can also lead to bad sectors on a DVD.

Sony ARccOS deliberately creates corrupted sectors on specific part of DVD to set access barrier for most of the DVD players and some copying softwares, causing them to produce errors. 

Pre-Requisite Before You Repair Bad Sector On DVD :

I guess you have already tried weird home techniques like :

  • Cleaning the DVD with Toothbrush and Paste.
  • Rubbing vaseline to clean the slightly scratched DVD.
  • Rubbing with Banana peel to remove excess thumb prints which is restricting your DVD player to run the disk.

Above said method works like magic in case your DVD is not heavily scratched or there are tons of thumbs prints on it. In case your DVD is deeply scratched or slightly cracked, we need a better approach. Continue reading to find out how to fix heavily scratched DVD!

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  1. In order to backup scratched DVD, preferred Operating syatem is either Windows or Mac. For Linux users, I am sorry but this guide is not for you.
  2.  A great DVD Copy Software which can bypass Sony ARccOS copy protection system as well as can run deeply scratched or slightly cracked DVDs. In my Opinion MacX DVD Ripper Pro [Windows | Mac] is the best DVD copier software designed keeping in mind the wear and tear a DVD can face in it’s lifespan.

Download MacX DVD Ripper Trial (Mac) Download MacX DVD Ripper Trial (Windows)

How To Repair Bad Sector On DVD And Run it Like Before :

Got MacX DVD Ripper Pro at your disposal? If yes, proceed further and if not, I highly recommend this software for all your DVD Ripping needs.

Step 1 : First and foremost step is to import the DVD which you want to backup or repair. Enter the DVD in your disk drive and launch MacX DVD Ripper Pro. In order to import the damaged DVD, tap on DVD button from MacX DVD Ripper window.

How To Repair Bad Sector On DVD And Run it Like Before

Step 2 : It’s time to select the output profile. We are here to repair bad sector on DVD, so from the pop up window select DVD Backup.

From the backup options, select DVD to ISO. It is the most generalised format and will let you clone this DVD to another blank DVD in case you need repaired DVD in future.

How To Repair Bad Sector On DVD And Run it Like Before

Step 3 : Let’s save the Output ISO file on your desktop hard drive. Tap on Browse button and select the destination folder where you want to backup damaged DVD.

How To Repair Bad Sector On DVD And Run it Like Before

Step 4 : Finally tap on Run and allow the lethal combination of your Desktop and MacX DVD Ripper to fix bad sector on DVD so that you can run it like before.

How To Repair Bad Sector On DVD And Run it Like Before

That’s it! Just wait for few minutes so that MacX DVD Ripper pro backup your scratched DVD. For the time being, just sit back and relax, enjoy the ripping process.

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Q&A On How To Fix Bad Sector On DVD ?

Ques : Can MacX DVD also repair protected damaged DVD?

Ans : MacX DVD Ripper Pro is capable of ripping all protected DVDs even if it’s damaged. Make sure you are ripping DVDs for your personal use and not for distribution purpose. Distributing protected DVDs is illegal in most of the countries across the world. Check your State and Federal laws in case you have already make up your mind regarding the illegal distribution of DVDs.

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 QuesCan MacX DVD Ripper Pro also recover damaged sector which is causing the playback issue and other screeching noise?

Ans : No. What MacX DVD Ripper Pro will do is, it will skip the reading of damaged part of DVD so that rest of the sectors of DVD can be played effortlessly and without any screeching noise. As a result, playback is smooth, continuous and clutter free.

Ques : OK, I am all set to fix my damaged DVDs. Where can I get MacX DVD Ripper Pro from?

Ans : I have added the download link, you can get it from here. Wait! As a token of appreciation, here’s your 60% discount coupon – ‘MDRP’

I hope it helps! In case of any queries or doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us via Comment or Contact us section. We’ll get back to you asap. Keep subscribed for latest How-tos at Gizmostorm. For more DVD Ripping tutorials, head over to DVD Converter section right away.