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Instagram is the most easiest, intuitive and simplest social networking app you might be having on your smartphone. No matter how exactly it had copied the Story feature of Snapchat, Instagram users are increasing exponentially ever since. For me, Instagram is one of the few apps which I open even before getting up from the bed every morning. One fine morning while scrolling the Instagram feed, I was mesmerised to see a beautiful quote from a very famous motivator and I instantly wanted to repost on Instagram, but unfortunately I did not know how to do it. Anyways, next I learned How To Repost On Instagram The Easiest Way and it took me not more than 2 minutes to repost the photo.

In case you are too stuck and want to repost on Instagram, just sit back and relax. I’ll let you know how easily you can repost your friend’s Instagram post and occasionally yours too.

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Pre-requisite Before You Repost On Instagram :

  • In order to repost your old Instagram photos or someone else’s Instagram post, you must be using an Android or iOs device.
  • Repost for Instagram app installed on your smartphone. Available for both Android and iOs, you can get this amazing app from your respective App store. For your convenience, here are the download links :

Download For iOs   Download For Android

How To Repost Pictures On Instagram :

Step 1 : Done with Installing Repost for Instagram? If yes, the very first thing you have to do is launch Instagram.

Step 2 : Now scroll down to the Picture or Video you want to repost, no matter it’s yours or someone else. Tap on the 3 dots placed next to the profile name (refer screenshot).

How To Repost On Instagram The Easiest Way

Step 3 : As soon as you tap on 3 dots, you’ll see the action menu. Select Copy Share URL from the available options.

How To Repost On Instagram The Easiest Way

Step 4 : Now exit Instagram and launch Repost for Instagram. You’ll be perplexed to see how this amazing app will auto detect the picture you want to repost.

How To Repost On Instagram The Easiest Way

Step 5 : The free version of the app will add the little watermark of the profile from which you have reposted the photo, though it looks very beautiful. Finally tap on Repost.

How To Repost On Instagram The Easiest Way

Worried about caption? Relax, this little app will take care of captions too. This way you can easily repost on Instagram along with captions. Easy, no? In case of any queries or doubts, don’t hesitate to comment down below and I’ll try to get back as soon as possible.

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