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Being a Mac user, I can proudly say it is one of the most powerful machine ever built for the Developers. When I switched to Mac from Windows, for 2-3 days I found it very difficult to operate Mac. But now, I can’t think of switching back considering the User-friendly GUI and my love for UNIX. Though everything is just amazing, but there’s always room for improvement and Mac is no exception to it. 

Most of the people don’t even realise that many of the apps that they used to run on Windows are not available for Mac until they hit the roadblocks. Some of them end up paying the hefty amount for Parallel Desktop and other install Windows via BootCamp. In case you don’t need complete Windows experience and just want to run some apps or programs, we have a better solution for you. Today, at GizmoStorm, we are with How To Run exe Files On Mac Without Installing Windows :

Before We Begin, You Need:

  1. Mac running on OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or above.
  2. WineBottler and Wine app installed on your Mac. Both the app comes in a single package, just drag both the apps to Application folder.

[Download WineBottler Package]

How To Run exe Files On Mac Without Installing Windows

Step 1: Done with installing WineBottler and Wine app? If not, please follow the pre-requisite section before proceeding further. WineBottler packages the Windows-based applications like media players, applications, business tools and any other significant program that has not been ported to OS X into mac bundles. 

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Step 2: Keep your .exe file that you want to run on your Mac handy.

Step 3: Now head over to the file and double click on it. I am a big fan of classic games and Sonic is one of them, so in my case, I’ll be using Sonic.exe

Step 4: It’ll ask you if you want to run the .exe file directly or want to convert it to Mc bundle first, the choice is totally yours. For illustration purpose I am selecting the latter.

How To Run exe Files On Mac Without Installing Windows

Step 5: A window will pop up. Keep the settings same, but the particular settings highlighted in the screenshot totally depends upon your choice. Select any one of them according to your needs, it’ll not be a problem.

How To Run exe Files On Mac Without Installing Windows

Step 6: Press the Install button, sit back and relax as Wine will do rest of the work for you. Finally, you’ll be gifted with the Mac bundled application of your favourite windows .exe file.

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In case you didn’t understand the procedure, we have a video tutorial for you :

I Hope it was your successful attempt to Run exe Files On Mac Without Installing Windows. Still facing any issues or errors, feel free to ask in the comment box provided below. Keep subscribed for latest How-tos at Gizmostorm. For more Mac Tutorials, head over to Mac How-tos section right away.