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By now, it is pretty evident that we at GizmoStorm are in love with iOS and all the other devices it powers, including iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Ever since Apple introduced an iPod which is also a phone, it has changed the way we used to communicate, and interact with each other and with technology. Plus the addition of jailbreak and all the customizations it offers, iDevice comes as an all in one package to cater your needs.

In case you are an iPhone user, you must have wondered about running some particular application twice on your device, just for fun or may be for some productive reason. While Apple apparently does not allow you to do so, we at GizmoStorm thrived through to get a working solution for you right here. Simply follow the tutorial below, and run same app twice on iPhone instantly.

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How To Run Same App Twice On iPhone Easily

NOTE: You will require a jailbroken iPhone in order to follow this tutorial. We are assuming that you already have one. Kindly make sure you take a complete backup of your iPhone before proceeding.

Step 1: Make sure you have iFile installed on your iPhone. If not, navigate to Search button and search for iFile. Simply install it and you will see an iFile app icon on your device’s springboard.

6-8-2014 5-45-37 PM

For reference, we are going to run SnapChat application twice in this tutorial. However, the tutorial remains same for any other application as well.

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Step 2: Unlock your iPhone, and tap the  iFile icon from the springboard. Once the interface loads up on your iPhone, navigate to  Settings->File Manager-> Enable “Application Names”. 

6-8-2014 5-30-27 PM

Step 3:  Navigate to /var/mobile/Applications/ directory on iFile, and search for the application you want to run twice. In our case, we have the SnapChat app folder here for reference.

6-9-2014 3-58-44 PM

Step 4: Tap Edit button from top corner, and copy the folder. Next, paste the same application folder within the same Applications directory. Now you should have two folders of same name.

6-9-2014 4-00-47 PM

Step 5: Open the directory of the copied folder, and navigate to the folder and look out for Info.plist file. Next step is to edit this info.plist file.

Step 6:  Open the Info.plist file, and look for a keyword CFBundleIdentifier and find a string below this keyword. Now, you simply have to add a 2 to the end of this string.
6-8-2014 5-31-27 PM

Step 7: Simply save the changes, exit iFile, and hold down the power button of your iPhone to turn it off. Restart it again to see the same app running twice on your iPhone.

photo (3)

You can see, we have the same SnapChat app running twice in the screenshot above.

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