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It’s been almost 5 years WhatsApp is enjoying it’s success with great pomp and show. Topping the downloads chart ever since, this mesmerising messaging client has gone far way ahead as anticipated by Tech Pundits. Though everything is quite handy in WhatsApp, but not allowing users to Run Same WhatsApp Account On Multiple Devices is a setback for many of us.

Being in a corporate world, I always tend to carry two smartphones – one for official purpose and the other one sufficing my personal use (mainly WhatsApp). Isn’t be great if I can use my personal WhatsApp account on both the devices, it would definitely be a life hack saving me from carrying an extra phone en route my office. To a problem there’s always a solution and whatsapp multiple devices hack is what we need this time. For the same, today at GizmoStorm, we are here with how to verify one WhatsApp account to multiple phones :

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How To Run Same Whatsapp Account On Two Phones :

To start things off, let me tell you it doesn’t matter if you have Android, iPhone or Windows device. This tutorial is universal and will work with any of the mobile platform. Moreover, you need working internet connection on both the devices on which you want to use same whatsapp account. 

Let’s say your secondary phone is one on which you want to run WhatsApp account already activated on other device. Similarly, your primary phone is one on which you are already running your WhatsApp account.

Step 1 : Pick up your secondary phone and launch browser (preferably Google Chrome) on it.

Step 2 : Head over to, it’ll load WhatsApp download page shown in the screenshot below. Tap on browser’s Settings and select Request Desktop Site.

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Step 3 : Your phone’s web browser will show you the QR code, let this page remain open. Now, pick up your primary phone and open WhatsApp on it. Head over to WhatsApp Settings and tap on WhatsApp Web, it’ll ask you to scan QR code.

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Step 4 : Grab your secondary phone with screen turned on, keep it under your primary phone’s scan QR code label and let it recognise the code.

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Step 5 : Once done, your secondary phone’s browser will act as a WhatsApp account for you. Head over to WhatsApp Settings on browser, tap on Settings and check Sounds, Desktop alerts for receiving all the notifications.

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Congratulations, Chrome browser is now your full fledged WhatsApp account. This is how you can use same whatsapp account on two devices. 

Note : 1) In order to continuously receive messages on both devices, keep the Internet connection active.

2) Make sure not to kill the browser on secondary device, else you’ll be logged out from this phone.

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