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At GizmoStorm,  we headed up with number of WhatsApp Tips and tricks for our loyal readers. The main aim for these Tips and Tricks is to allow our readers to play and have fun with this amazing messaging client in very efficient ways. WhatsApp is now part and parcel of everybody’s life. Considering this mesmerizing chatting client, WhatsApp grown bigger than Twitter with over 200 million monthly active users. Moreover, 400 million photo and over 20 billion messages per day are exchanged each day, that approximately doubles the messages carried by Facebook.

Although everything is quite handy in WhatsApp, but if you are having two numbers then there might be an anxiety to enjoy two different WhatsApp account for two different numbers on your iPhone. Isn’t it? Earlier it seemed to be a very difficult task, but later or sooner, we are here with How to Run Two WhatsApp Accounts on iPhone:

Before we begin, you need:

  • A Jailbroken iPhone.
  • iFile app installed on your iPhone.
  • Little technical knowledge and some patience.

How to Run Two WhatsApp Accounts on iPhone:

  • Open iFile from app drawer of your iPhone.

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  • Go to Settings-> File Manager-> enable “Application Names“.

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  • Head over to /var/mobile/Applications/ and find WhatsApp.
  • Applications are shown as Alphanumeric directories. Find WhatsApp directory and copy paste the same folder in Application folder itself. You’ll get two folder with same name.

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  • Open the WhatsApp directory you just pasted, select folder and search for the Info.plist.

  • Open the Info.plist using the Property List Viewer and search for “CFBundleIdentifier”. You just need to add “2” at the end.

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  • It’s time to save the changes and reboot your iPhone. Wait for a minute and finally you’ll be seeing a duplicate WhatsApp icon on your Homescreen.
  • Voila! You are all set to run two WhatsApp  accounts on iPhone.

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