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Since the days of Samsung Galaxy S3, I was able to Schedule SMS on my Android. But when it comes to iPhone, situation is not really easy to tackle due to caged ecosystem of Apple. Though we have number of Jailbreak tweaks available over Cydia which will let you to Schedule SMS on iPhone, but the thing is, sometimes we don’t have Jailbreak for a particular iOs version and sometimes we are not even interested in Jailbreaking our iPhone.

In search of a solution, I came across plethora of messaging Apps on App Store which claims to Schedule a Message On iMessage Without Jailbreak, but merely any of them works as described. The whole scenario breaks down to – neither I can use Stock message app nor any good Messaging app allows to schedule a message on iMessage. To overcome the situation, today at GizmoStorm, we are here with How To Schedule Message On iPhone Without Jailbreak :

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Pre-requisite before you Schedule a Message On iMessage :

  • iPhone running on iOs 9 or above.
  • Apple is not going to bring iPhone message scheduler any time soon, here Delayd comes into rescue. Please Download Delayd from App Store before you schedule SMS on iPhone.

Apple has a bounded ecosystem for Apps to work and Delayd is no exception to it. Delayd uses a nifty workaround involving it’s own servers for delivering all your iMessages and SMS. For the same reason, the recipient will not be able to reply back to same number from where it has received the message as he/she will not see your real number. Though you can include your Name at the end of message to notify the recipient who has sent this message.

How To Schedule SMS on iPhone :

Step 1 : Done with installing Delayd from App Store? If yes, open the app from device SpringBoard and proceed to the next Step. Though this app is free but there are In-app purchases associated with it. You will get 50 free credits once you install this app, but as soon as you consume them, you have to purchase credits through in app purchases which costs according to your needs. 50 credits cost $0.99 and 500 credits costs around $3.99.

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Step 2 : Register your Country and Number with Delayd. Your mobile number will be confirmed with 4 digit PIN, enter the PIN and you are good to go.

How To Schedule a Message On iMessage Without Jailbreak

Step 3 : On the scheduled tab, tap on Compose SMS, enter the Recipient number/name, Scheduled date and time and tap on Schedule SMS.

How To Schedule a Message On iMessage Without Jailbreak

Bingo, you are all to Schedule SMS on iPhone. But if you are thinking to use Delayd as a replacement to your Stock Message app, then certainly it’s a bad choice. Though, in case you are used to forget special moments like Birthdays or Anniversaries, text for business purposes then Delayd should be at your priority app list. 

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